conscious style choices

I believe we can all have an incredible, authentic sense of style when we become truly eco-conscious in our choices, and love ourselves.

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This is our platform for an on-going shared conversation over clothing, timeless fashion and style.

Bringing style into my own life, and into the lives of others, goes far beyond sharing my expertise on creating a stylish wardrobe. I hope you’ll see this through the variety of my vegan interest posts on travel adventures, parenting and book reviews.

Style can be found in the way we carry ourselves to what we eat and wear. Your personal aesthetic is priceless and shouldn’t be dictated by trends, the media or even an opinionated friend.

As a practicing eco-conscious personal stylistcertified vegan lifestyle coach and educator and professional plant-based chef, I now have the passion and know-how to personally guide others in their desire to further align themselves with this life-affirming ideology.

Whether you’re here looking for life-changing information or just a single nugget of inspiration, I hope my insights can become a little part of your celebration to achieving a strong sense of personal style.

Together I hope to take our conversations to a place of more consciousness around our fashion’s creation and consumption.

Today, fashion is having pretty devastating impacts on our beautiful earth’s resources, the industry’s workforce (the majority of whom are women) and the animals we indirectly abuse for ‘materials’.

These issues might feel overwhelming to tackle at first glance, but you can become empowered by taking small steps towards more compassionate choices.

Everyone has a voice, here is your chance to use it.

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