Year’s Sustainable Wardrobe Pledge Round Up

Year’s Sustainable Wardrobe Pledge Round Up

As I reflect on my 2017 efforts to not buy newly produced clothing, I realise my year’s pledge was not so much about passing or failing the pledge, but more about making it a catalyst to enhance my consciousness around my possessions.

Through my pledge efforts, I became the observer of my shopping tendencies. So while I failed in buying no clothing and accessories in 2017, it’s left me with a far greater understanding of why and how I continually shopped.

This pledge coincided beautifully with additional opportunities to really challenge myself in letting go and embracing change; the latter was something I thought I had already mastered. Alas I’ve a long way to go!

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Wardrobe crisis: Why breaking up is so hard to do!

Wardrobe crisis: Why breaking up is so hard to do!

Marie Kondo, the tidying up guru, suggests tackling one’s wardrobe first, in a household of too much stuff. “Begin with the easiest grouping of possessions, your wardrobe,” she says.

Goodness, she is so wrong – for some of us anyway!

My most recent break up was particularly difficult. I’ve broken up over 300 times this year, and some splits are more difficult than others.

Let me explain; I sent my Giorgio Armani pants in for reselling, as part of my journey towards a more minimal wardrobe. These whimsical pants are, no doubt, the hardest item I’ve had to let go of.

My 30-year obsession with this designer’s fluidly classical designs doesn’t help matters!

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Book review: True Style Is What’s Underneath

Book review: True Style Is What’s Underneath

This style book sets out to profile stylish influencers and celebrities who defy the cookie-cutter looks of today’s fashion magazines. A welcome reprieve.

It’s well written and the subjects’ quotes are often thought provoking, honest and inspiring. I’ve included two of my favourites;

“Insecurities sell. What would the fashion industry be like if every woman liked how she looked?”  Staceyann Chin

Yet I felt disappointed by the overriding extravagance of dress depicted by most of the book’s celebs and influencers. It left me feeling like the authors missed an important opportunity – to showcase the value of self expression and self acceptance through the powerful force behind a minimalistic style aesthetic.

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2017 wardrobe pledge: How I’ve failed and won (6-months in)!

2017 wardrobe pledge: How I’ve failed and won (6-months in)!

On 1st January 2017, I pledged not to buy any newly produced clothing for one year. In fact I intended not to buy any items, including previously-owned, but gave myself some leeway, just in case.

I’ve failed.  But I’m not defeated.

The first 6-months of the pledge has honed my awareness and intention around my personal style, size of wardrobe, and efforts in supporting sustainable fashion practises.

I always had plenty of excuses for owning too many clothes. Here are just four commonly held beliefs;

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5 shirts for men, cool & ethically made

5 shirts for men, cool & ethically made

My husband runs on HOT!

If you’re a hottie, or perhaps your guy is, he’s probably going to opt for short-sleeve tees just about all year round. Can you relate? When super casual days turn to smart casual occasions then his choice of shirt will likely be all about staying cool!

So when my husband saw my easy-breathing Tencel shirt from Exofficio he ‘wanted some of what she’s having!’  

Tencel, this regenerated fibre, is not only vegan and eco-freindly, but controls and regularly absorbs moisture, so perspiration marks can be a thing of the past!  Organic cotton is also a great eco-happy option, so I’ve included the options in my 5.

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Tencel: Today’s eco-sexy textile!

Tencel: Today’s eco-sexy textile!
I’ve only come to know, wear and love Tencel in the last 6-months, yet already I’m hooked!
My Tencel shirts are by far my favourite, not only because they feel so soft, but also drape beautifully on one’s body. Check out my top 10 favourite here!
Aside from that – as if that’s not enough – the fact that this textile screams eco-freindly quality sits so well with my more intentional clothing choices.
We’ve certainly come into an age where the concept of slow-fashion and sustainability are really taking off, making on-going fabric innovation inevitable.

In my own journey, I’ve become actively curious about my clothing selection and the impact these choices are having on those who make my clothing, how far these pieces travel and the original of their cloth.

When it comes to Tencel, what’s not to like about this easy-comfort, eco and animal-freindly material.

Yet it’s in the understanding the ‘how and why’ that brings great appreciation for this regenerative textile.

So here’s my easy guide to understanding Tencel:


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10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

10 chic Tencel shirts, sustainably-sourced & eco-freindly

The classic womens’ button down shirt, tunic and shirtdress are timeless wardrobe staples.

It’s no wonder, as these styles are easy to dress up or down, can be worn any season and appeal to women of many ages.

To be reassured by their versatility and timelessness, one needs only to look into the wardrobes of minimalists and capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, to see these pieces in their vital closet arsenal.

Yet I believe that the true value comes when combining this lasting style with a superior fabric, and made by environmentally conscious brands.

Now your have longevity personified!

This is where Tencel comes in; derived from wood pulp, this non-synthetic, yet vegan-friendly fibre, offers a silky soft skin feel, drapes beautifully, is more absorbent than cotton, and will keep you cooler than linen. Learn more about Tencel here

Let me assure you, in some cases it’s not easy to find the umbrella sustainability picture of each’s company’s manufacturing and labour practises, but I recon I have you well-covered in terms of eco conscious and ethical brands listed below:

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