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A vegan tween speaks frankly

This mother-daughter interview  first appeared on the Main Street Vegan blog, 2 years ago. I’d love to share it with my readers!

Isabelle is almost a teenager. A time when friends become new major influencers. Yet this vegan tween is already facing and dealing with peer pressure on her own terms. This beautiful young girl is also my daughter and today she gently tells us about what it’s like to stand up for ones ethics at the age of 12.

How did you feel when you first heard about veganism? “I was totally keen to go on board, even vegetarian wasn’t enough of a leap for me. I wanted to get all cruelty off my plate. I’ve always felt a deep compassion and connection with nature and its animals. It just didn’t feel right or fair to eat or use them.”

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Kids’ heart-pounding activism

As a parent to two young activists, I’m standing in my living room, witness to something pretty darn inspiring.

I watch as my youngest daughter prances around like she has ants in her pants. She reads aloud, sharing every encouraging comment made on her fledgling video sharing.

She’s literally radiant in her realisation that she has the ability to connect, interact and positively impact others around our globe.

“I’ve made a difference mummy!”. She’s sure of it. That’s all one needs.

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7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

Across all social media platforms, teens and young adults are immersed in fashion ‘must-haves’. It’s these millions of images and messages that ultimately encourage gross self-indulgence through unyielding consumerism. Yet, flip the coin and there’s another side to fashion, both engaging and self-empowering! We’re onto something very exciting if, and when, we use fashion as a driving force to lead our teens into worthy self-esteem … Continue reading 7 tips to navigate your teen to conscious fashion

Santa's First Vegan Christmas

Book review – Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

Could there be any better gift than a box of vegan chocolate? This year there is! It’s a book entitled, ‘Santa’s First Vegan Christmas’. Like choccies, this children’s book will be enjoyed by all ages. Firstly, the book’s cover illustration is quite possibly the yummiest I’ve ever seen (is it only me or do you also think it looks good enough to eat?). Yet it’s the rhyming … Continue reading Book review – Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

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7 tips to taming teens’ taste for fast fashion

Teenagers can so often fall prey to frequent fashion ‘must-haves’.  It is no wonder, as enticing new stock hits fast fashion stores twice weekly nowadays. Retailers know just how to lure consumers into these absurd circles of micro trends. This incessant push for consumerism is a well-masterminded strategy to simply deliver profits for shareholders, but without revealing the exploitation and devastating effects this $3 trillion … Continue reading 7 tips to taming teens’ taste for fast fashion

7 Steps to Guide a Teen's Closet Clean

7 steps to Guide a Teen’s Closet Clean

As a vegan stylist and mother of both a tween and teen daughter, I’m intrigued by how we’re constantly chartering new waters when it comes to our individual clothing choices. For tweens and young teens, the necessity for constant size changes is only the beginning. Progressing from child-like prints and styles also calls for updates. Then there’re the social pressures, created by fast-fashion retailers and … Continue reading 7 steps to Guide a Teen’s Closet Clean