my va-va-voom

It’s as little as six months ago that my fashion shopping habits were turned upside down. From being a ‘quality’-driven shopper of leather, suede and silk to now consciously purchasing animal-free fashion.

People are beginning to notice and ask about these out-of-character choices. I dare say, I myself have asked why I’ve begun this gentle, yet certain, progression towards veganism. Can I take it on in its entirety? It is a passing phase or a lasting psychology? I believe it’s the latter, only best explained because making vegan choices in fashion, and progressing with dietary adjustments, resonates with my very core of being.

It just might underpin my va-va-voom!

It stands to reason that it’s a very personal motive, a very personal choice. It’s neither a reflection nor a judgment against the choices others make. What it is though, is the beginnings of my journey to a more enlightened, conscious and gentler co-existence with Mother Nature and our planet’s beautiful animals.

I started setting up this blog as a fish-eating vegetarian (yes, not a vegetarian in the true sense, I know).  Now, my first post sees me excluding all meats.  This staged progression best illustrates that it’s going to be my process, on my terms, at my pace. A journey to what I trust will bring me to a full understanding and compassion shown through an eventual vegan lifestyle.

For now, I work with what I have, learn from some of the best vegan authors, stylists, restaurateurs, fashion designers and fellow bloggers. I can already feel the energy and the support from many of these lovely, supportive individuals; many of who will become friends, ultimately celebrating another turned leaf that supports compassionate living.

For now I put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. In doing so, I will share some of my thoughts, learning and experiences. I would love to hear the lessons learnt, tips and suggestions for those who are like-minded and willing to share.

These Toms vegan comfy shoes are ideal for a casual day out. And what’s more with every pair bought the company will provide a pair of shoes to a child in need.

4 thoughts on “my va-va-voom

  1. Congratulations on the courage to take your both your life and your business vegan. I believe that when someone goes out on a limb to do the right thing, the universe does everything imaginable to cooperate. Wishing you great success!

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