A busy holiday kitchen

While I had every intention of making this week’s post clothing related, I find myself gravitating to thoughts of food rather than fashion. Other than this being a clear indication of holiday indulgence, it’s also due to spending far more time in front of my cutting board and stove, than pouring over my latest copies of Elle and InStyle magazines.

I’m in this equally gratifying situation for two reasons, firstly my very able home-helper is away on her annual leave, and secondly we have dear friends here to stay over the current Eid holidays.

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Prevention is better than cure

There’s no doubt about it, October is synonymous with the pink ribbon! And with good reason; bringing increased awareness to breast cancer is both crucial and so beautifully caring.

Especially so when women who have fought and overcome this silent disease deliver encouraging messages of early detection. The comradery, drive and length these brave women will go to inform, encourage and support this cause is so admirable. Their bravery immeasurable.

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Finding comfort in greens

I’ve long since considered creamy avocados the ‘golden pear’ of greens. Taking second place came the tender pop of young green peas. Broccoli only began to be appreciated on the discovery of how much better it tasted raw, while spinach was warmly welcomed, disguised in butter or cream, on infrequent servings.

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The Cheetah’s Tale

The Cheetah’s Tale

This book found me, rather than me finding it.

Over the past three days I ignored an incredibly strong, unexplainable sense to revisit a book written by Julia Johnson, entitled The Peacock & The Mermaid. Until yesterday, when I finally took action and, within our newly-assembled and orderly-stacked home library, this unread book caught my attention and took precedence over another.

My daughters and I immediately devoured it through wet eyes, sighs of empathy and compassionate giggles!

This heart-warming story is of a young girl who finds a malnourished cheetah cub in a middle-eastern souq. The child’s relationship with this wild animal gives young readers an insight into the much-needed conservation and ethical protection of wildlife.  While I bought our copy in the Middle East, it’s also sold via Amazon.

The Cheetah’s Tale is an outstanding book for children aged 8 -12

Small feet with big hearts

Did you ever follow in your parents’ footsteps? I mean literally, follow. Think back to a family holiday where you’d take long walks on the beach. For me the temptation and fascination to make wide enough strides to land in my father’s deep imprints was a gratifying diversion. It meant that I walked silently, unknowingly to those who might later see a pair of footprints. It meant that I didn’t make another mark on the otherwise perfectly shelled-laid, tide-swept shore.

But making one’s mark, not to be mistaken with a global footprint of course, is what we as parents encourage in our children. While I’m taking great pleasure in following through with my daily learning of what being vegan involves (a very steep learning curve I hasten to add), I’m in no hurry to act on my eldest daughter’s early murmurings of contemplating veganism.

While this decision will one day be hers to make, I, as her guide, am just not ready to have her walk along side me. By first introducing my daughters to the abundance of what this lifestyle offers, rather than jumping into the role of policeman, is sure to serve them in the long term.

Simply by providing them with opportunities to become well informed, they’ll be in a position to understand, establish and strengthen their beliefs then follow through on their convictions. So at this stage what I bring to our family’s table is awareness. I’m giving them food for thought.

By simply and occasionally falling in step with the little changes made in our home, they’re developing their awareness through their own keen interest, questions and observations.

Their vegetarian plates are filled with far more greens, their home library now boosts some books with animal-friendly morals, and soon enough their cruelty and chemical free toiletries will be as gentle on their young bodies as it is on the environment.

Step by step, little impressions are being taken at a comfortable and super healthy pace.

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