The Cheetah’s Tale

The Cheetah's Tale

This book found me, rather than me finding it.

Over the past three days I ignored an incredibly strong, unexplainable sense to revisit a book written by Julia Johnson, entitled The Peacock & The Mermaid. Until yesterday, when I finally took action and, within our newly-assembled and orderly-stacked home library, this unread book caught my attention and took precedence over another.

My daughters and I immediately devoured it through wet eyes, sighs of empathy and compassionate giggles!

This heart-warming story is of a young girl who finds a malnourished cheetah cub in a middle-eastern souq. The child’s relationship with this wild animal gives young readers an insight into the much-needed conservation and ethical protection of wildlife.  While I bought our copy in the Middle East, it’s also sold via Amazon.

The Cheetah’s Tale is an outstanding book for children aged 8 -12

2 thoughts on “The Cheetah’s Tale

  1. I love children’s books about animals. Your post inspires me to perhaps do a post about my favorite one’s on my blog. Great idea!!

  2. I’m too a big fan of children’s books, period! And I’m thrilled I’ve got your appreciation for the topic focused into a super blog idea – look forward to reading it!

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