A busy holiday kitchen

While I had every intention of making this week’s post clothing related, I find myself gravitating to thoughts of food rather than fashion. Other than this being a clear indication of holiday indulgence, it’s also due to spending far more time in front of my cutting board and stove, than pouring over my latest copies of Elle and InStyle magazines.

I’m in this equally gratifying situation for two reasons, firstly my very able home-helper is away on her annual leave, and secondly we have dear friends here to stay over the current Eid holidays.

Some thought and a touch of anxiety went into inviting our friends to stay. How were we going invite them into our home, yet let them know that since their last visit it’s become a meat-free area? It’s one thing inviting friends over for a veggie meal, but quite another having them eat plants for days!  So working off the belief that being ‘forewarned is forearmed’ we spilled the beans and awaited their reply. As is so often the case in life, everything has its perfect timing, and this was a case in point; unbeknown to us they were looking for ways and inspiration to replace their infrequent meat options for veggie alternatives. Although without much energy (they have two very young children) to push through with the know-how and compilation of new and trusty recipes, they were only too pleased to see and share in a functioning plant-based kitchen.

And what a busy kitchen it has been!

Among our evening feasts we’re enjoyed a tasty potato, chickpea and cashew curry, (one of my favourite fall back recipes that our kids love too), and the clean palette freshness that only a spicy Thai vegetable and tofu stir-fry can offer.

Such a beautiful salad for the table!

For lunch I feel there’s little more appealing than an array of colourful salads. These three salads in particular, served at room temperature, make for such a complementary trio. A jerk chickpea salad, taken from my family-friendly recipe book, let them eat vegan! by Dreena Burton, and a baby potato, pine nut and basil salad from my husband’s well-chosen recipe book entitled 200 veggie feasts. These, together with our family’s long-time favourite beetroot, butternut and rocket salad, of which I’ll share our recipe.

Beetroot, butternut and rocket salad

Easy to leave out the feta for a tasty vegan option
  • Preheat oven to 180 °C.
  • skin and cube butternut and place into a shallow roasting tray
  • toss in some olive oil, salt, pepper and drizzle with balsamic glaze
  • Roast until done
  • Allow to cool then combine with cubes of pre-prepared beetroot and feta (easily left out as a vegan option) and rocket leaves
  • Serve in an attractive dish for maximum visual appeal.

Eid Mubarak (Mubarak means ‘blessed one’ in Arabic) and Bon Appétit!

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