What to wear to Fashion Week

The first thing that came to mind when invited to Paris Fashion Week, in March this year, was; “What do I wear?” A delightful dilemma I admit, but a dilemma no less. Especially considering my vain desire to be warm while looking cool, relaxed and slender in winter dress!

DSC04409So, having taken in the many cues from assumably far more seasoned guests than I, here are my top 5 tips to attracting the blinking shutter eyes at Paris Fashion Week photographers:

1. Reflect the aesthetic:
Just as done for any specific occasion, getting to know your audience is essential. In this case, it’s about familiarising yourself with each of the shows’ brand. While there’s no need to be decked out in their signature or latest pieces, being aligned to a similar aesthetic, and calibre of brand, will set you up for confident cahoots.
2. Turn it around:
Late winter you will be viewing the same season’s forthcoming trends, and in summer, next spring’s trends, so wear an out-of-season neutral or accent colour to stand apart from the crowd. During my March 2013 visit, light, dreamy cream stood apart from all the dark winter colours.
3. Less is more:
In keeping with authentic Parisian chic style, the focus falls on statement pieces like shoes, handbags and jackets. The French keep their jewellery and, for the most, even dark glasses subtle, discreetly stylish and generally low-key. (unless of course you’ve secured a golden ticket to the Chanel show, in which case you’d drape yourself in branded Chanel-linked loyalty!)
4. Be authentic:
Remain true to your personality and style of dress. Being keenly snapped by the fashion paparazzi is as much about the self-confidence you exclude as the ensemble you muster up. So, while now’s the time to challenge your style boundaries and dress to delight, be sure to do so with 100% self-assurance.
5. Wear your heart on your sleeve:
Bring compassion into the forward-thinking fashion arena, by being an ambassador for cruelty-free clothing and accessory choices. Just as Anna Hathaway and Natalie Portman do, lead the way by finding alternatives to leather and fur.

Well done to those who choose to show love over the love of a show!

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