Biting into The Big Apple

A darling friend, knowing I’d visited New York, recently emailed me, writing, “New York, wow, this is such an amazing city, which has the potential to swallow you up!”

“Well, that depends on who bites first!” I replied.

I feel like I got the first bite of The Big Apple, and enjoyed every morsel of it! Of course it was only the soft, tender and entirely compassionate pieces of niceties I chose. As part of our vegan lifestyle coach certification through Main Street Vegan Academy we took the time to experience some of the city’s renowned vegan restaurants and cafés.

This was, in fact, the first trip in many years that I was totally at ease, knowing I would be delighted with my menu options, three times a day.  Not only are gluten-free options easily understood and well catered for in vegan restaurants, but we, the coaches-in-training, got to choose off entire menus rather than those with slimmer plant-based pickings.

New York certainly caters supremely for the compassionate eater, with whole foods so creatively concocted and visually celebrated by their creators, it would be a shame not to share some photos with you…

Peacefood Café’s cuisine is “transformational, healthy and delicious”, just as they claim on their enticing menu.

I went back to Peacefood Café on my last day in the city, to sample and savour this Lasagna! (filled with zucchini, mushrooms, walnut cheese, spinach basil mix & tomato sauce and served with a half salad).

This was my well-chosen first-time visit meal option. A Fluffy Quinoa Salad. (fillingly packed with  baby green & sprouts, avocado, sweet peppers, corn & onions tossed with creamy lime mustard vinaigrette)

                                                        A wonderful ambiance filled with the best of vegan vibes!

On the menu of Café Blossom, they state that they’re “first and foremost animal caring”. Well on that particularly cold night, this hungry animal was only too pleased to tuck into a surprisingly, intensely gratifying raw plant-based meal.

My plate of organic vegan cuisine, by way of the Zucchini Linguine, was abundant with olives, scallions, avocado, baby spinach, pine nuts, sunflower sprouts and cashew cream!

The lunch menu at Pure Food & Wine had me wanting to extend my patronage all the way to midnight!

This Caesar Romaine Salad was the very best I’ve ever tasted. Tossed with nori, pumpkin seed macadamia parmesan, lemon, caesar dressing and avocado.

While the Zucchini and Greenhouse Tomato Lasagna – layered with sun-dried tomato sauce, pistachio basil pesto, pumpkin seed macadamia ricotta – still makes my mouth water.

Aah, Candle Cafe! This holds a dear place in my stomach, and heart. It was at Candle 79, on the 30th July 2012 , where Craig, my hubby and I experienced our first intentionally vegan restaurant cuisine. Which was as significantly memorable as our dinner guests; prolific author, Victoria Moran and William, her talented husband.

At Candle Cafe West my dining company was equally as splendid. An enthusiastically selection of varied dishes were chosen by Leah Jacobson (raw chef and food lover extraordinaire), Sayward Rebhal of Bonsai Aphrodite and Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute. 

I chose the Spring Rolls, wrapped in rice paper, they came packed with pickled cabbage, avocado, carrots, cucumber, apple, cilantro, and tempeh. Served with a divine spicy dipping peanut sauce.

I won’t disappoint by not sharing what is arguably the main attraction of any meal. Dessert! This lived up to its highest expectations. Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie, served with berry coulis and salted peanuts.

Bon appétit.

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