I wrote a letter to my friend

And here (written) and here (audio) is where I dropped it.

Only thing is, this friend I’ve not yet met. In fact we’ve never even spoken. Yet I call her a friend and thus, wrote to her. From my heart.

If calling Colleen Patrick-Goudreau a ‘friend’ seems too presumptuous under these conditions, then perhaps you haven’t listened to her via her podcast, Vegetarian Food For Thought. She is a friend to all animals, making her a firm friend of mine.

In each podcast programme Colleen shares amazing, funny, transformational, and/or inspiring personal experiences written in by listeners. Just two letters divulged before she delves deep, intellectually and anecdotally, into all things compassionate.

compassionate kids

In this episode Colleen reads out my letter, giving her voice to my parenting thoughts, fears and joys. So if you’re a parent, friend or simply someone interested in how the tired phrase “eat your veggies” can take on a whole new impetus and meaning, then please listen here.

If that doesn’t get you hitting the podcast iTunes download button, then maybe this particular episode’s theme will.

With descriptive language we can acknowledge differences between humans and animals, but it’s when our language doesn’t simply make distinctions, but denigrates animals because they different, that then plays havoc with our societal behaviours.

In this episode Colleen suggests to be, “more conscience of our language, being conscious that what we say reflects our thoughts, beliefs and values.”

She points out that our use of language affects how we perceive and treat animals as a society. “As long as our violent treatment of animals stays hidden linguistically, our attitude towards animals are unlikely to change and they will continue to suffer and we will continue to be cut off from our own compassion.”

“So by choosing words that promote compassion and speak truth we can change the way we think about animals and thus the way we treat them.”

Thank you Colleen, and Amanda behind the scenes, for all that you do for human and non-human animals alike.

Readers’ note: My daughters and I loved Colleen’s previous episode entitled, From Consumption to Compassion, where she introduces listeners to the stages we all go through once we become vegan. So if you have a veg-strong friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance whom you want to better understand (or perhaps you’re vegan), this is an easy and fun one to listen to!

2 thoughts on “I wrote a letter to my friend

  1. Thanks for your new post, Lynnie. Informative as usual and I love that your girls have embraced vegetarianism/veganism so wholeheartedly too…

    I wanted to tell you about a new book that I heard about by Rory Freeman, the woman who wrote ‘Skinny Bitch’. It’s called ‘Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals’. I haven’t read it but it sounds like it may be quite a nice intro into getting people to think more about how we treat animals. There’s also a relatively easy 31 Day Challenge that is sort of a ‘beginner’s guide’ to becoming an animal activist. Read more about it here:




    1. Hi Gillie G. Thanks so much for your support and info! Yes, these kids are called the V-generation, and here’s believing they’ll be helping Mother Earth a whole deal! Gillie, I finished Beg last week (love Rory Freedman’s style of writing) and will be writing a blog review once I’ve finished reading a couple of other interesting ones! I love the look of her 31 day Challenge, thanks for sharing!
      Talking of challenges, Colleen has a super online http://www.30dayveganchallenge.com which I did, budding my Mom (veg-curious, transitioning and vegan can all benefit, I certainly did). So lovely, so thorough, such fun having her daily written, audio and/or video topic to teach and support. So inexpensive too.

      Night, night lovely Gillie!

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