An eye on blissful bags & bread crumbs, reluctant grub & grotesque design

It’s a long shot analogy, but nevertheless one I’m going for; just as the London Eye gave us a pretty spectacular view of London at a glance, I’m summing up a couple of my fashion finds, food choices and fun things experienced while in this fine city. Here goes…

DSCN0049I’ve come to learn that animal-friendly fashion only works when it appeals to our vanity as much as our conscience. For me, selecting a bag tests this theory.

Finding the ideal arm candy needs to spontaneously heighten my heart rate, inflect a dizzy spell of admiration and ensue 100% buyer certainty. Otherwise what’s the point of just another half-hearted purchase that takes up valuable wardrobe space?

I found it as I clapped eyes on this Vivienne Westwood Divina Shopper Bag. A designer label (in this case a semi-eco aware designer, she still uses leather in some lines), but far more attainable in price, in comparison to fellow British designer Stella McCartney.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.48.50 AM(Mine’s in a divine shade of coral, but this is the only colour I could find for purchase online). Other bags I was tempted by were these super animal-friendly, high-fashion finds.

Sometimes it’s life’s simplest pleasures that delight and feed the soul, especially so when visiting a big city at breakneck speed. Our slow, but steady amble alongside the Serpentine River and bird sanctuary in Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens, was delightful.

Feeding the birds, on an artisan’s mini French loaf from Le Pain Quotidien, was the highlight of both our daughters’ entire London visit. (Boo to you Hamleys)


Yet simple and grounded isn’t always the answer to great experiences. So thought our youngest daughter, who already has an appreciation and appetite for fine dining, travel and accommodate. Vitao, small, fairly earthly-decorated and somewhat hippie, self-service deli had her wide-eyed and eager to move on.

It was only the Chocolate Orange Tarte that kept her seated, albeit simultaneously transfixed on some Hare Krishnas and heavily tattooed body builder patrons, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their hearty vegan meals, served from a buffet of oversized copper pots. My not-too-hungry choice of fresh salads and hot stews certainly hit the spot!

What we all did agree on though, was that we’d far sooner appreciate and take Vitoa’s organically cut wooden table tops, and slightly grungy decor, over fashion brand Moncler’s displayed in their shop-in-shop at Harrods.

IMG_3378This moose or elk antler chair (on it sat a ‘no photographs’ sign) left me nauseous with despair.

It’s this type of disconnect that’s both uncreative and irresponsible. Yet the insensitiveness, towards humans and animals, in our daily clothing choices is missed by so many of us fashionistas.

Perhaps it’s time to open an eye!

4 thoughts on “An eye on blissful bags & bread crumbs, reluctant grub & grotesque design

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