Silly billy impromptu skit: on the slimming effects of a vegetarian diet

I doubt this little comical advert needs any further introduction. Spontaneously created by my daughters, entitled “Vegetarianism, Made in Your Heart.”

A note: There’s a myth that needs breaking; not all vegans are thin, nor necessarily healthy eaters.  I believe regular exercise and eating healthfully from the fabulous five food groups (nuts/seeds; whole grains; beans/legumes; fruits; vegetables) will guide your body to its ideal weight.

What works best for me and my family is to ensure we consume enough calories from nutritionally dense plant-based, predominantly whole foods.

Here’s to long-term health and happiness!

Moving, from dust bowl to salad bowl

Moving, from dust bowl to salad bowl

Our decision is made and plans are well underway for yet another country relocation.

In spite of wanting to loosen the breathlessness of such a profound move, I restrain my urge to breathe deeply. This in favour of keeping my mouth and throat tightly sealed from the dust storms that typically engulf me. Why, you ask? Because I currently live in the very dusty Doha dessert. Our home. Our dust bowl.

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