Moving, from dust bowl to salad bowl

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Our decision is made and plans are well underway for yet another country relocation.

In spite of wanting to loosen the breathlessness of such a profound move, I restrain my urge to breathe deeply. This in favour of keeping my mouth and throat tightly sealed from the dust storms that typically engulf me. Why, you ask? Because I currently live in the very dusty Doha dessert. Our home. Our dust bowl.

Sand aside though, another reason I resist the calming, therapeutic effects of deep breathing, is that such a practise could turn relief into disbelief. Moving home comes at a price. A temporarily geographical split of our loving, close-knit nuclear family.

Not a decision taken lightly. So it stands to reason then that the draw to a leafier part of the world is a compelling one (although based on far more than that of vegetation).

Being a ‘glass-half-full’ kinda girl, the best way for me to find my comfort in this change is by sharing some soon-to-be pleasures.  So allow me to whet our appetites as I draw similarities between our new, Garden Route, South African abode to that of a healthful salad;

A salad’s foundation of dark, wholesome leafy greens is much like the nutritionally dense earth that underpins the renowned, lush forestry of the region.

The area is also well-loved for its ‘all four seasons in a day’ weather patterns. I’ll be inspired to quench our thirst for moisture by making the most of the varied climate by growing seasonal fruits and veggies.

Some of the best salads are tossed together using a surprisingly diverse, yet complementary, combination of colourful ingredients. Such creative flair and courage is something South African’s know about, after all we’re fondly referred to as ‘the rainbow nation’.

Just as I thought, our bowl runneth over. Bon appetite, and here’s to on-going change!

4 thoughts on “Moving, from dust bowl to salad bowl

  1. What I know about you, is that if your glass is half full, it’s because the other half is out there nourishing, helping and feeding all who cross your path. Every blessing with this move, my dear one.

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