Silly billy impromptu skit: on the slimming effects of a vegetarian diet

I doubt this little comical advert needs any further introduction. Spontaneously created by my daughters, entitled “Vegetarianism, Made in Your Heart.”

A note: There’s a myth that needs breaking; not all vegans are thin, nor necessarily healthy eaters.  I believe regular exercise and eating healthfully from the fabulous five food groups (nuts/seeds; whole grains; beans/legumes; fruits; vegetables) will guide your body to its ideal weight.

What works best for me and my family is to ensure we consume enough calories from nutritionally dense plant-based, predominantly whole foods.

Here’s to long-term health and happiness!

5 thoughts on “Silly billy impromptu skit: on the slimming effects of a vegetarian diet

    1. It was one of those ‘ waiting for supper’ moments captured by iPhone – bless technology. Are you still enjoying your vegetarian way of eating lovely Floor?

  1. Now these two girls are just beyond sweet! Love the message! They must have a very special mother 😉

    1. How kind of you to say, but I take no credit for their active kindness. We might learn, know and feel but it takes special beings to actually choose to live by their ethics and beliefs.

  2. A beautiful friend has reminded me that, “we can see food in so many ways: nourishment, entertainment, escape from boredom… so only ONE of those ways leads to health: Nourishment. Anything else is too much.” Thank you Leah, for your wonderful insight and compassion for what might be happening in our minds, not just our tummies!

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