Accelerate your energy with ‘vooma’, meet Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

We can all relate to the energy behind the words ‘crazy‘ and ‘sexy‘, right? Some of us own it. Some of us want it. Some of us hunger for more of it. Kris Carr has crazy, sexy trunk loads of both!

Wanna come along for the ride?

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.51.34 PMYou’re sure to feel her energy in her quick written word. I love her 2012 published book Crazy Sexy Kitchen, which incidentally was the first time I’ve taken a cookbook to bed (okay, so Craig, my hubby, didn’t find that at all sexy), but what she offers by way of recipes for nutritional health benefits is crazily sexy!

Kris expresses her thoughts like this, “I hope you’re lip-smacking hungry because we plan on surprising your taste buds while transforming your health. They may sound like mutually exclusive ideas since so many of us equate healthy food with boredom, isolation, and deprivation. Not on my watch, mon chéri. Food is ooh la la passionate and utterly creative.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 1.47.02 PMWhat’s also so cool about the book is that whatever point you’re at on your journey to healthful living, Kris makes it easy to delve into her crazy, sexy ideas.

She prepares you well. “Like a long luxurious meal, Crazy, Sexy Kitchen is laid out in courses.”  The first gives you an overview of her dietary suggestions. “I’ll fill your noggin with sexy science…” The second and third courses are “your personal mini-cooking school…” The fourth course is “where the muse and the magic lives – the recipes!”

If you haven’t the energy for chewing through her seriously fun reading courses, then you might like to start off by lazily watching the early journey to acceptance that this vibrant 10-year cancer surviver navigated, all while simultaneously filming her documentary Crazy, Sexy Cancer, released 2007.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 12.57.39 PMIn her story, for me, these are her words that summed up her crazy sexy bravery, “Cancer wasn’t killing me. It was pushing me to live.”

I also listened to Kris via a powerful podcast interview, hosted by my lovely vegan lifestyle coach instructor, Victoria Moran. These are Kris’ 3 top health tips to move us;

  1. “Make juice not war.” Start juicing to get those leafy greens into your body, by drinking them. Even mix them up in your blender, for healthful smoothies
  2. If you’re nervous about changing your lifestyle, then start by adding new things before you take away your ‘safe bets’. So add more salads, add more veggies, and whole grains like quinoa. “Slowly but surely you’ll edge out those things that don’t serve you.”
  3. It’s not just about the food. Build less stress and inflammation in your life by taking that inventory, “what in your life is not finding you?” “What’s giving you stress?” “What’s making you feel at dis-ease. And when you really address those things you’re going to start to see a lot more energy, a lot more vitality and a lot more commitment to a better, happier way of living.”

‘Crazy’. ‘Sexy’. These can just be words. Or we can adopt their energy, put our foot on the accelerator, and take the fast track to healthy, clean eating.

Check out her divine Black Bean & Roasted Sweet Potato Burger recipe on my site. Or motor over to her website.

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