10 things I know about letting go

As much as I regularly purge, and I do, it’s only when moving house that I tackle the ‘I wish you’d just disappear’ clutter. As far back as it lies, ignored, untouched, maybe even forgotten, it’s there until it’s hurled from hiding.

For me these pieces include – a set of awes for an inflatable boat – which now resembles a raisin; 5 camping chairs – we’ve never camped and we’re a family of four; three business card folders – had we not heard of iPhones?; a couple of thingy-ma-bobs, and a ridiculous number of extension cords, bicycle pumps, sports bags and board games.

the vegan style revivalistI, once again, resolve to buy less as I unearth our excess. Maybe this time it’ll stick. It should, having successfully come through a similar lesson in our kitchen. Learning to eat healthfully meant seeing that we had too many dry, preservative-laden, empty ‘foods’. Too many “we’ll make your meal tasty” jars of promises.

Craig and I resolve to live in comparatively smaller homes, because let’s face it a house is much like a desk: the bigger it is the more one fills it. It’s time to have our home mimic our fridge – a finite space filled with only vital, functional and regularly enjoyed goods, giving realty to only the fine and fabulous.

Here’s my learnings while lightening our load

1. Either move often or simply stop buying, while still purging
2. Memories are carried in one’s mind and heart, ‘the stuff’ goes in boxes
3. Stare at it as much as you like, the box won’t pack itself
4. There are no magical midnight elves who take over the job of sorting (come to think of it, where’s my hubby?)
5. It’s always the small, last minute odds and ends that take the longest to pack. Donate, sell, share
6. Packer beware: One gets to do it all again at the other end, so pack smartly, for easy unpacking

And still no elves appears! (not the same as packing personnel, elves would instinctively know what to purge, as you do!)

photo-7I’ve hung onto the original boxes for just about everything; which tells me 4 things about myself:

1. I’m super organised (I can think of less complementary names)
2. I anticipate moving a lot (now our 9th time in 11 years)
3. I have an ample under-stairs storage area
4. I’ve now truly let go of relying on magical packing elves and their skills (good for self empowerment)

It’s amazing what one unearths when surrounded by little more than oneself!

4 thoughts on “10 things I know about letting go

  1. You are an inspiration! Living simply is the happy way to do it, but I do need a reminder from time to time. Thank you for doing so. You draw such a good comparison with the Vegan fridge – I can really relate to that.

  2. This is inspiring! I have always been a minimalist at heart especially since becoming vegan. And I think minimalism can mean different things to different people. But I have definitely noticed a distancing of myself from simplicity as I have a few growing piles of “I wish you would just disappear” stuff.

  3. Hi Ketty, firstly I just LOVE the look of Miles and Nikko – no wonder you hang out with them.
    I find, while consulting with clients, that as much as we might like and follow simplicity there’s always room for ‘fresh eyes’ on the stuff we have difficulty letting go.
    Like you, I’ve also found more simplicity since being vegan, lovely isn’t it.

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