Inspiring table decor to whet your appetite

Table decorWhen you’re next in a restaurant and you spot a table of patrons lent over their plates, mobile phones posed, snapping pics of their food – ask them if they’re vegan. It’s likely they are.

Plated plants, grains, nuts and fruits are simply too vividly exciting in colour, texture and experimentation to resist sharing over social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve found that my keen awareness to capture this type of plant-based beauty has enhanced my appreciation for other visually complementary elements on and around the table.

These beautifully decorated surroundings recently inspired me, lifting my eyes from my plate to the lens! I hope these images brighten your day too!

7 thoughts on “Inspiring table decor to whet your appetite

  1. I love that teapot lamp!!!

    As for people taking pictures of food in restaurants, I bet a lot of them are vegan, but there are probably a lot of omnivore self-described “foodies” in there too—which is all the more reason for us to take pics of OUR food, so they can see they aren’t missing anything colorful or delicious when they stop eating animals.

    1. Thanks for your valid comment Camille. The beauty I guess is that OUR food – vegan food – is their food too – just so much more of it! It’s great when that is shown and understood isn’t it.

      Love the teapot too, made by the owner of a Cape Town food cafe

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