Body confidence – there’s a new contender in town!

Hey, there’s a new type of body confidence in the right corner! Could it be time to fight off the ‘battle of the bulge’, a seasoned contender, and focus on this new game changer?

body confidenceYes, I know that body confidence isn’t skin deep yet, like so many other women, it’s our lumps, bumps and imperfections which often blind us to feeling beautiful about our bodies. It begins and ends with phases like “yes, but if only I didn’t have this or that…” That’s the body confidence we all know. The Deal Breaker.

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Sailing the aegean sea, slow & blissful

We leapt at the opportunity to co-charter a 58-foot yacht, gently sailing around the southern coast of Turkey while  hopping to occasional Greek islands.


It was slow, beautiful, and such a worthwhile experience. As with any experience though, one learns a thing or two…

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