Sailing the aegean sea, slow & blissful

We leapt at the opportunity to co-charter a 58-foot yacht, gently sailing around the southern coast of Turkey while  hopping to occasional Greek islands.


It was slow, beautiful, and such a worthwhile experience. As with any experience though, one learns a thing or two…

Here’re some of my notes to self –

  1. I should’ve known, to pack more than two swimsuits on a 2-week yachting holiday
  2. It’s easy and delicious to eat 100% plant-based foods in Turkey and Greece
  3. Having rolled with the Aegean Sea’s short, pointy 2-meter waves I can attest to being a pretty sound seafaring traveller
  4. Make sure there’s a generator on board, especially if you like cool air and warm showers
  5. I can barely begin to explain how much I cringe in cold showers
  6. In such close quarters, select your fellow passengers carefully, then still minimise your time together to 7 -10 days
  7. Red heads weren’t designed for sun drenched holidays, no matter how wide the hat’s brim.
  8. Not all sailing is glamorous! Once wiped the toilet paper goes into a bin. Get to shore often!
  9. Deal with the guilt of pumping your bodily waste into the open sea (a little easier done as a plant eater)
  10. When spotting dolphins forget running below board for binoculars or camera, just saviour the privilege of experiencing them as they should be seen – in the ocean

Next time, yes we plan to do it again, it might be around the nordic fjords

Here’s a quick video snapshot of fabulous food, crystal waters and good times – vegan style!

10 thoughts on “Sailing the aegean sea, slow & blissful

  1. Lots of practical points on that list there! I loved both Greece and Turkey, though I didn’t do any sailing, and I found Turkey a bit tricky food-wise since we visited during Ramadan (so it wasn’t a matter of being vegan!)

    I could go for a plate of dolmades right about now. I also loved this baked vegetable dish we found in most Greek restaurants. And stuffed tomatoes!

    1. Oh yes, the blissful stuffed tomatoes! They often served two on a plate, one tomato and one green pepper, so I soon got wise to ask that both be tomatoes! At the airport we had some dolmades with a hint of cinnamon, which we just loved too.

  2. Beautiful video, fun to watch and I’ll keep it in my favourites to watch again!!

    # 5 – I had a freezing cold shower once, it was painful and I cried. No one there to help me. My hair full of shampoo when the water ran cold! Brrrrrr. I still shudder when I think of it!!

    ❤ carmen

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