Body confidence – there’s a new contender in town!

Hey, there’s a new type of body confidence in the right corner! Could it be time to fight off the ‘battle of the bulge’, a seasoned contender, and focus on this new game changer?

body confidenceYes, I know that body confidence isn’t skin deep yet, like so many other women, it’s our lumps, bumps and imperfections which often blind us to feeling beautiful about our bodies. It begins and ends with phases like “yes, but if only I didn’t have this or that…” That’s the body confidence we all know. The Deal Breaker.

The Deal Breaker, recognise her?

How can we foster a healthy self body image when we’re up against our own superficial scrutiny?

What we do to ourselves is not trivial nor silly. It just is. We’re so quick to scrutinise, criticise and deem our bodies lacking in one area or another. We want what we don’t have, yet we’re just as quick to persuade ourselves we can’t have what we claim we so badly want.

I vividly remember how it stuck me, pre-vegan days, just how presumptuous I was being, to demand the ‘balanced’ body shape, yet eat or remain idle as I saw fit. (no pun intended)

And yet our desire to action change often falls short of our dissatisfaction.

Until that is, when we set aside our body’s appearances to focus on gaining the confidence from within.

I introduce The Maker, of body confidence

With a recent change in lifestyle I, rather fearfully, joined up with a fitness trainer for regular weekly personal training sessions.

This required something I didn’t have – the confidence and belief that my ‘regular body’ could and would endure, withstand and be capable of doing, what my experienced and ‘ridiculously active’ trainer, asked of it.

body confidence 2Yes, I simply perceived myself as ‘not that gym type’ – that’s for ‘other’ people! A brilliantly convenient perception as that is, it also undermined my potential and confidence to extend myself into a new realm of personal health and fitness. I was censoring myself! (that realisation in itself calls for action!)

So before meeting Steven Shirley from On Your Bike, I had little confidence that my body could perform anything beyond yoga, doggie walks, and the general physical activities of life.

I can almost hear athletes laughing at what they might perceive as my lethargy. It’s not a lack of energy, but a lack of confidence! Many of us also simply opt for the convenient idea that compartmentalises the ‘fitness fanatics’ from the ‘regular people’. This makes the former look extreme and our inactive lifestyle seem plausible.

I went with the sole purpose of wanting to work inside my muscles and bones, to improve my fitness, strength and bone density. And here is where I’m finding a magnificent machine. My true body. The Maker.

Under Steven’s expert instruction, I’m kept interested, motivated, pushed and rewarded. Therein lies the building of true body confidence – a sustainable, respectful and liberating view of one’s newly learnt, and ever developing, physical abilities.

So next time you’re in front of the mirror, about to knock yourself down, ignore the Deal Breaker, action The Maker and see your beautiful machine from the inside out!

P.S. for those laughing seasoned athletes (people of all fitness levels actually), you too can take it a step further. Check out ultra marathon runner, Matt Frazier’s no meat athlete – a super blog relating to plant-powered athletes and the fitness-curious.

7 thoughts on “Body confidence – there’s a new contender in town!

  1. I love this post, Lynette—I’ve noticed that both my confidence and gratitude about and for my body are MUCH better since I went vegan and started going to yoga class (almost) every day. You’re so right about how we limit ourselves with fearful and negative thinking. My mantra is always “I can do this,” and I’m also trying to enjoy the process of becoming stronger and more flexible each day as opposed to getting frustrated with myself (as I would have in the past) for not ALREADY being as strong, balanced, and flexible as the yogis around me. (How could I be, without putting in the daily practice first?) Through all this, I’ve learned to find the joy in discipline—and most of all, I love my body for everything it does for me. Good health is the very greatest blessing (although, as we know, we have WAY more control over maintaining our good health than many people think we do!)

    1. And such a beautiful response to my post from you Camille! As Matt Frazier says “allow your self to dream”, then those dreams become more real, and eventually actionable! We often stand in our own way, which veganism has taught me to object to! Thanks for your wonderful sharing!

  2. Nice post Lynnie – and well done on taking the step towards a fit and strong body. There really is nothing like it – and I’m sure by now you’re amazed at what your body can actually do…


    1. I’m learning every day Gillie. Knowing how well one’s body responds to positive energy, through ingesting real foods rather than sentient animals, to more heart pounding exercise coupled with the gentler, slower movements. It’s all good! Always lovely to hear from you via my blog, thanks a mill.

    1. You’re so right Carmen, there’s no way around it – fitness is such a necessary part to true health!

  3. Great post! I love that you point out that confidence, or lack there of, is such an inhibiting factor in going to the gym. There are so many elements that must collide to make a gym-goer. It is so important to recognize one’s own challenges and address those. Awesome work!

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