5 doggie style and other catty book reviews

5 doggie style and other catty book reviews

Has my title grabbed your attention?

I won’t try to hold it for too long, because there’s book reading to be done! Here are 5 of my latest top picks about all our furry, fluffy and all other faithful friends.

The Genius of Dogs

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 8.49.46 AM“Science. Oh dear, what have I got myself into here?” That’s what ran through my mind 5 pages in. I read on…

In a word, ‘Fascinating’.  It might well be your passport to better understanding the minds of dogs and our own species. At times the co-author, Brian Hare, gives some facts that aren’t easily related back to your pooch, and other nuggets of insight which are very relatable.

Either way, you’re in for the long haul. I say “long haul” for two reasons;
1. It’s a long detailed book
2. This ‘Dog Guy’ takes his readers far from the comforts of relatable dog-on-lap scenarios.

He takes us back 6 million years (incidentally, chapter 1 & 2 were enjoyed and understood by my 9 and 11 year old children). You’ll also be a touring passenger to countries like Siberia, Russia, China, the Congo and Australia. Not to leave you stranded, he equips you with incredibly interesting and relevant historical and geographical insights over and above the science. All for the better learning of the breakthroughs in cognitive genuineness.


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.26.52 PMAre you a pet, or all-animal, lover? Oh, forget it, it doesn’t matter. Who cares?

Well, I guess author, Rory Freedman does. Also, I’m guessing, so do you. She gets it; the fact that we could be using the love we have for our dogs and cats as a powerful force for helping all animals.

Beg is lightly to make you smile and grimace, but if you like ‘the furies’, this book is likely to bring you to an even better place of love by its end.

You’ll be safe in Rory’s almost BBF-style of writing. It’s very relatable, has great soul, and her words aren’t sugar-coated, but direct, like only a friend’s honestly delivers. It’s kind of compelling to say the least.

She loves, cares but now doesn’t swear (you might recognise her as the author known for her profanities in Skinny Bitch and other subsequent books).

The Art of Driving in the Rain

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.28.16 PM

This novel will make you laugh, make you cry and render you unable to put it down. A great little piece of easy doggie therapy. The story and characters still linger with me and it makes my heart swell.

Cat Daddy

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.29.17 PM

In my eagerness to learn how to do good by my first cat, who nuzzled his gorgeous way into my life, I reached for Cat Daddy. Of course, in retrospect, learning about cats would have best been done through a title turned around, to read ‘Daddy’s Cat’.

This book, as per its title, is about the Daddy, Jackson Galaxy. Not a bad thing, if you want an intimate, detailed account of an addict’s life and, thankfully, his recovery. He is a creative writer, no doubt, yet his descriptively-burdened sentences tired me out! Yes, there is a cat(s) involved, even some cat handling tips. Healing animal connections? For sure. Just not to the extent I was hoping for.

Essentially though it’s Jackson Galaxy’s story and he writes and reads (if you do the audible version) with gusto and great indulgence in finding his life’s “mojo”. (Which I believe now encompasses living the vegan ideology!) That’s great mojo!

Animal Camp

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 7.59.16 PM

What a stunning read! How often do we get a glimpse into the irresistible personalities and quirky ways of any animal other than our beloved dogs and cats?

Kathy Stevens, author and founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary is kind to her core, and it seems to me that she has the right and ethical standing to call herself an animal lover. Her chatty writing style leaves her readers knowing how it’s done at CAS and why the rewards of truly caring are so profound and heartwarming.

I bought this one in hard copy, and it’s already doing the rounds among my family and friends.

Great reading, super learning!