Could you abstain for a year? Don’t think I can!

Do you know of anyone in your circle of friends committing to no fashion shopping for a year? That’s nil. Zilch. Zero. Zip. None. 365 days fashion shopping-free days!

Sound daunting? I’d say. Yet, compellingly intriguing!

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Not such a foxy shopping spree after all

Shopping abroad for fashion can be exhilarating!  It’s certainly an opportunity to breathe new life into a locally grown wardrobe. Give the task to your husband though, via an international call, within his rare hour between meetings, and one loses the plot and the joy!

As generous as my husband’s offer was, I knew it unfair to have him scout Selfridges’ sales rails for, “a casual sweater (pullover/jersey) to wear with denim”.

I asked him nevertheless.

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Give us sanctuary, not a circus

While the world begins to see the ugly face of animal circuses, circus owners and marketers are scrambling for news angles and justification for the ongoing use and abuse of captive, wild animals.

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Make your recommendation for chef Brett!

Last night my family and I delighted in yet another exquisite four-course vegan meal, so skilfully and lovingly, prepared by Brett Garvie proprietor and chef of VegTable.

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