Make your recommendation for chef Brett!

Last night my family and I delighted in yet another exquisite four-course vegan meal, so skilfully and lovingly, prepared by Brett Garvie proprietor and chef of VegTable.

His divine home cum dining room is all about serving the most enticing set menu, using seasonal, local and organically grown ingredients. Although predominantly vegetarian focused, Brett wholeheartedly goes the extra mile for his vegan patrons. Last night was no exception!


Enthused by our deep appreciation, he set me the challenge of recommending one, just one, vegan recipe book to further inspire and expand his knowledge behind offering 100% plant-based meals.

My mind immediately began flipping through my well-followed pages and post about Chloe’s Kitchen, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and other recipe offering from the likes of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Nava Atlas, among others. Yet I held my tongue, because the plated food we had before us was exceptional, creative, sublime. I need to ensure my recommendation will complement, or even surpass, his current standard.

This is not going to be a hasty recommendation. As much as I am learning from, enjoying and having great home-kitchen successes from my recipe book repertoire, I’m still a novice cook. On the other hand, Brett’s experience, raw talent and flair for food combinations, subtle sauces, and classy presentations might well call for a recipe book aimed at the professional chef?

So, dear readers, I need your opinions!  Take a look at my first post on VegTable and prehaps a squiz at what we were treated to last night. Then once you have a sense of his standard, I would welcome, and be most grateful for, your suggestions on which cook book you would recommend to further entice Brett’s natural talent and passion for creating vegan dishes!

So please let me know which recipe book would you recommend for Chef Brett?

While the candle light set a fabulous ambiance, my photographs didn’t do the food justice, so here’s a written account of last night’s four courses –

Soup: Green gazpacho with coriander and nachos. Our daily green’s nutrition guaranteed in  one bowl of pure taste!
Salad: The fire engine salad. These warm, ripe summer flavours danced on our tongues!
Main: Asparagus phyllo on a bed of thinly sliced potato and courgette, with succulent sunflower sprouts
Dessert: Mango sushi with mango sorbet. What an unusual, beautiful dessert to round off this meal.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Make your recommendation for chef Brett!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Cherry. I love the pesto recipe in Rawlicious! An even more user friendly raw recipe book is Easy Living Food – also a South African author.

  1. I love Isa Does It! The book is beautiful and well written. The recipes are easy to follow and always come out delicious! I love it so much that this past week when I went to VT to visit my family, I packed it in my luggage.

    1. Oh goodness, I can see this post is going to tempt me! That’s super Marissa, thanks so much for your recommendation! I can so relate to traveling with our vegan conveniences!

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