Give us sanctuary, not a circus

While the world begins to see the ugly face of animal circuses, circus owners and marketers are scrambling for news angles and justification for the ongoing use and abuse of captive, wild animals.

1512261_10151952369453801_727728205_oHere are some examples of just how ludicrous McLaren’s Circus’ justifications are, displayed at last weekend’s Knysna showing and protest.

Mind you, someone from the circus must have seen the absurdity, as these posters were taken off the entrance gates after the first performance, never to reappear.

1556453_10151952363838801_57467850_oSimply because circus masters, trainers and supporters tell us they love, care and value their animals, don’t take their word for it. Scratch the surface, dig a little deeper and one is sure to see the disturbing truth behind animals used for entertainment.

For a minute of fun, listen to what Isabelle, my tween daughter, is sharing on her 1-minute video clip at her blog, the vegan whisperer.

A kind thanks to Penny Foyn for these photographs!

4 thoughts on “Give us sanctuary, not a circus

  1. I have no problem with humans that befriend animals naturally without no “superiority” – “speciesist” strings attached. I am irritated by people that tell the truth about animals with the aid of lies. In real fact all circus animals are keeping circus owners, marketers and etc in financial safety; through attracting ignorant supporters (fans) and trading of rare (endangered) animals at extremely high prices and lastly insurance companies are making a lot of money through insuring animals and putting a price tag on live animals (treating animals as assets). If you are animal handler, be it a snake charmer, circus owner, or animal sport trainer, or etc, its important to question yourself honestly whether are you really passionate about the lively-hood of the animal(s) or you only care about the animal because it helps you earn money? Thanks for the blog

  2. Echoing what Gillian said—for me, learning to think more critically has been a HUGE component of the transition to veganism. Animals belong in their natural habitat *by definition*, and it’s our duty to protect that space.

  3. Something else I just thought of—have you ever heard of Circus Smirkus? It’s a circus show (based in New England) made up entirely of teenaged performers who spend the summer practicing acrobatics. After seeing one of these shows, you know you can get the “circus experience” without animal exploitation and cruelty.

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