Could you abstain for a year? Don’t think I can!

Do you know of anyone in your circle of friends committing to no fashion shopping for a year? That’s nil. Zilch. Zero. Zip. None. 365 days fashion shopping-free days!

Sound daunting? I’d say. Yet, compellingly intriguing!

This pledge, made by The Sustainable Stylist  is something I found online while searching for fellow stylists who share a compassionate and enlightened view on sustainability in the fashion industry.

The Sustainable Stylist

My personal pledge is to not spend a single cent on clothing for the length of one year (underwear excluded).” On reading Kim Kneipp’s admirable commitment, my jaw literally dropped, along with any aspirations of following suit, in 2014.

Don’t think I’m not listening. I am, because this message of curbing consumerism, especially in the fashion game, is worthy of our attention, and it’s cropping up a lot lately.

This month, for instance, saw the launch of Mommy Greenest’s Shop Drop Challenge. Blogger Rachel Sarnoff, reckons in the US alone by not buying new clothes for one month we could save nearly one billion pounds (456 million kg) of textile waste and $10 billion.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 6.11.08 PM

Back to Kim though, and her year-long abstinence. Surely this sassy Australian eco-friendly designer would want to exclude any upcoming trips to exotic holiday destinations, or business trips to vibrant metropolises?

Or maybe these are simply my convenient, albeit exciting, excuses to not commit to such an admirable pledge? I won’t set myself up for failure though. Yet I’m still intrigued because, let’s face it, I could abstain on either side of holiday dates!

I see other stumbling blocks to this pledge. For instance one can only assume Kim is well aware of the frenzied seasonal sales. (We’ve hopefully gotten over ourselves around these mass retail offloads of redundant stock.) Yet had she thought through all the year’s eventualities? Special events, spontaneous or surprise events that might call for a dazzling frock.

On a purely practical note, what’s a girl to do if faced with an entire blotched laundry load? A snapped heel? I hope too, for her sake, that her weight is consistent, and her tailor talented. (actually Kim is very able with needle and thread)

I have a sneaking suspicion though, that she’s thought this all through, and years later is doing just fine.

love shopping, too much?

While she and I have a couple of things in common, both women trying to push the pause button on today’s greedy appetite for disposable fashion, I simply haven’t brought myself to the place where I’m willing to make the same year-long pledge.

What will be helpful in spending less, is to know why we’re lured into buying so much! For tips and views, look out for my future post, entitled “why we women shop – and how to curb our spend”.

10 thoughts on “Could you abstain for a year? Don’t think I can!

  1. I could do that. But only if you sorted out my clothes. I have enough clothes to last a year without replacing. But only with your skill for mixing and matching. Mine is awful. Skilled in the classroom but terrible in the cupboards>

    1. It certainly is worth the time and investment – having a stylist to help sort out your good, fair and bad!

  2. Actually, this is my 2014 goal also!! Except, mine states, “No clothes shopping for 2014 unless to replace any necessities” (i.e., if for some odd reason I’m down to only one pair of socks, or I rip the only two pairs of jeans I own, or destroy the one pair of black ballet flats that I wear daily, etc.).

  3. Thanks so much for including the Shop Drop Challenge here! We only have one more day but you can still sign up It’s only 30 days AND you can swap/thrift your style–don’t know if I could do a 365 day moratorium. More than 500 women took the Shop Drop Challenge this year and we saved $30,000+ and 3,000+ pounds of textile waste. I’m planning on putting it on annually, so hopefully you’ll join me next year!

    1. So true, maybe it’s a weakness for something other than clothes – either way we need to know when enough is enough, don’t we!

  4. A very intriguing post!! In addition to all the other bennies of no fashion shopping for a year, I think I’d learn a lot about myself. Unfortunately, what I know about myself now is that I don’t think I could do it. Certainly food for thought, however! Celeste 🙂

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