Book, ‘Choosing to Live’ – chats with this awesome author & adventurer

A solo adventurer. Shot four times. Left for dead deep in the Amazon. High adrenaline, a true account. The book, ‘Choosing to Live’, by Davey du Plessis, adventurer and now author.

I won’t tell you much more of Davey’s Amazon experience, as you’ll have the book to drive into.  What I will share with you is that Davey is a fellow South African, and fuels himself on 100% plant-based foods. Here’s an insightful Q&A interview, between he and I;

Choosing To Live

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Our plates runneth over, with eggplants!

Who would have known, not me until this week, how many delicious eats one can make from eggplants. Just as well because our little herb and vegetable patch is packed with plenty of these plump, dark purple, meaty beauties. Ready for the picking!

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