Our plates runneth over, with eggplants!

Who would have known, not me until this week, how many delicious eats one can make from eggplants. Just as well because our little herb and vegetable patch is packed with plenty of these plump, dark purple, meaty beauties. Ready for the picking!

photo 3Truth be told I’ve been meaning, for ages, to take the time to experiment on how best to serve this fruit (yes, fruit!). They’re just so gorgeous looking, far too nice not add to one’s summer plate.

Sailing around some of Greece’s more remote islands, last June, fuelled my aubergine curiosity. Anchoring, then eagerly heading for shore to try each little island’s mezze platter quickly turned my family into eggplant fans. Leave it to the Greeks to convert one with their perfectly grilled, succulent version!

Until then the only way I had enjoyed aubergines was smothered and baked in cheese. Yet even when the cheese sizzled as the dish touched the table, I knew halfway through eating my moussaka that the soon to be cold, congealed cheese would sit in my gut long after the meal was done.

So now I’ve educated myself with some of the most divine and healthful eggplant recipes, whether baked, fried, stewed, grilled, pulped, marinated or dehydrated.  Eggplant fries being the first on my list. This admittedly does take some planning, as marinating them, then dehydrating takes time. But what a treat!

Amaranth Egglant Burgers by Keepinitkind.comIf there’s a hungry family to feed try this real tummy-filler found in the eggplant and amaranth burger recipe, created by Kirsty Turner, one of my very favourite online recipe innovators.

For something to accompany many meals, how about stocking your fridge with marinated eggplants by gourmet chef Antonia DeLuca. I just love having a fridge full of easy-to-serve tasty treats. So it’s not often my shelves are without hummus, tapinade, mango salsa and, perhaps from today, a jar of aubergines.

Here’s to happy harvesting, gotta love them eggplants!

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