She’s such a cow!

Yes, I’m a cow!  Well if not one, I do feel a deep affinity to these docile, beautiful, and maternal animals.  So it seems natural that my surname is Cowie!

By the time our first daughter was born I felt proud and rather cow-like. I was feeding my hungry little baby the best of what a mother can offer her own offspring; her breast milk.

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Couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t?

I empathise with people who are afflicted with serious food allergies. Life threatening reactions to otherwise nourishing eats! It stands to reason that unless they want to inflict bodily trauma, these allergy suffers couldn’t eat certain foods.


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Cyber chats with fashion designer, Bo Carter

While Bo Carter is no stranger to her Leeds, UK, eco-conscious fashion followers, you might be meeting her for the first time. Better yet, now you can shop for her designs online

Follow this bite-size Q&A to find Bo’s wardrobe must-haves, how to shop smartly, plus how and why she became an award-winning designer…

Bozena Carter

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