She’s such a cow!

Yes, I’m a cow!  Well if not one, I do feel a deep affinity to these docile, beautiful, and maternal animals.  So it seems natural that my surname is Cowie!

By the time our first daughter was born I felt proud and rather cow-like. I was feeding my hungry little baby the best of what a mother can offer her own offspring; her breast milk.

As most mothers can attest to, the act of giving birth, then nurturing one’s young is life’s greatest gift, a God-given right.

Fast forward 11 years, now that I’ve taken my blinkers off, I see how consuming dairy was contributing to the cruelty of my namesake, and that it’s not necessary, natural or normal for myself nor my children!

Wouldn’t you agree that…

  1. All mothers would feel violated, mutilated and severally physically and emotionally scared by being repeatedly raped. Cows are artificially impregnated 10 months of the year. Cows have to be pregnant and birthing to produce milk. They don’t ‘give’ milk, we take it away from them and their young.
  2. There’s not a mother out there who wouldn’t flinch, let alone fight, for her right to keep her new-born close, safe and naturally fed. Yet the cries of the cows, being separated their calves, are apparently among the most harrowing to hear.
  3. No mother would willingly go into slavery, nor would want this for her young daughter, yet cows are forced to. While male carves born to dairy cows are sold off to the veal industry or immediately slaughtered.
  4. These mothers are killed after four to five short years of producing milk for their captives. While cows, in their natural habitat, live to about 25 years they’re rendered unproductive after ‘giving’ their milk. Their tired bodies are then eaten, as 80% of dairy cows are slaughtered for the burger mince meat industry in the USA.
  5. Watch Emily Deschanel’s, in association with PETA, 2.40 minute factual milk industry video.

For me, as a woman and mother, I don’t want to be a supporter of such cruelty, enslavement and the ultimate demise of the feminine reproductive system. Do you?

A mother's baby

9 thoughts on “She’s such a cow!

  1. To me, it just makes no sense – once weaned from our own mother’s milk, why on earth should we need to drink from someone else’s?

  2. Great post and I could just hug you!! You are so compassionate, a true mom!! I always thought cows were happy getting milked, and no animals get hurt, what’s the harm drinking milk? Till my daughter Jean gave me the book by John Robbins DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA. I was duped into believing cows are content grazing in the meadow, happily getting milked at the end of the day. What a lie. How could I believe it for so long? Now the thought of drinking cow’s milk is weird. I really missed cheese at first, but have found Daiya and enjoy it immensely!

    ♥ carmen

    1. Hi Carmen, well I accept your hug with open arms – cyber style!

      Gee, the amount of times I’ve heard of lives being positively changed by Diet for a New America is amazing. John Robbins really makes a difference in the lives of animals and humans! I’m listening to his Food Revolution Summit, what great content too.
      Wish we had Daiya here in South Africa, but it was the leather shoes I missed most, not the cheese.
      Keep well Carmen, and thanks for taking the time and love chatting with me, (and other readers)!

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