Part 2 of eating healthily around Holland & Belgium


It was a whole lot easier to find healthy food-on-the-go in Holland than in Belgium. Goodness I couldn’t live in Belgium if the absence of whole foods in restaurants and eateries is any measure of what they eat on a daily basis!


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Eating healthily around Holland & Belgium (part 1)

First off, it needs to be said that both Hollanders and Belgians know exactly what vegan food is. Life-giving foods free of animal flesh and their secretions. While this, (and the fact those whom we interacted with defaulted easily and fluently into English) helped make our dietary preferences heard, it still wasn’t necessarily easy to find wholesome, whole plant-based dishes.

Holland intro

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A Poem for Mummy, written by ‘yours truly’ (in audio too)

I began writing this poem in 2009, forgot about it, then finished it this year. Inspired by our darling daughters, Isabelle and Lillian, my teachers of love!

I dedicate it to all mothers and their children, knowing full well that each mother/child relationship is unique and special.  For easy listening to the poem click on the below

A poem for Mummy, writen by Lynette Cowie

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