Boots glorious boots, but do I really need them?

The change of season can be felt from head to toe, and it’s my toes that I intend keeping really warm during my first Cape winter!

So you can imagine my delight when I ‘cyber met’ Susannah Wright, founder of Tivydale. She led me onto her online footwear boutique, where her Carly boots instantly warmed my fashion sensibilities!

Not only are these wedge heel boots made from natural and man-made materials, Susannah has entrusted their makings at family run factories in the UK and Spain.  Susannah aimed “to create styles which are beautiful, on-trend, elegant, edgy and sexy,” which she most certainly has done!

It just so happened that my hubby was in the UK at the time of delivery, but I needn’t have worried as my new Carly boots could also have been delivered to my door via post, thanks to Tivydale’s worldwide shipping service. These boots fit true to size and they’re vying for the position of, not only my most liked but also, my most comfortable pair!

Carly boots by Tivydale

Which brings me a step closer to my quandary. During a recent trip to Cape Town, I popped in to see South Africa’s first eco-footwear brand, Grandt Manson Originals. Visiting them in Woodstock, being in this hands-on atelier, had me itching to hand over my credit card in active support of their responsible design and manufacture.  Each shoe is made to measure, of high-quality workmanship and fabrics can be individually selected.

Grandt Mason Originals

With functional sustainability as the heartbeat of the design process, Grandt Mason Originals makes no use of animal products, using up-cycled materials and upholstery sourced from local distributors. That’s what the future of footwear should be all about!

Marc Mason doing my custom measuring

Marc, one of three Mason siblings in the business, measured my feet, showed me an endless array of textiles from which to choose and made this custom service offering a delightful experience.

Now I’m left with choice, and plenty of it! Not only choice of style and colour, but the choice as to whether or not I buy another pair of boots. Perhaps I feel more deliberated and conscious of my next potential purchase because I’m more aware of what and why I’d be buying them. How empowering! What I am sure of is that both Tivydale and Grandt Manson Originals are footwear suppliers in whose products I can find integrity.

P.S. Tell you what else I know; if I were to teeter on heels one last time, it would be in Tivydale’s 10 cm stiletto heels, named Olivia! Alas, my days of such height elevation are over! So the sexy Olivia remain up for grabs! So too might the gorgeous Short Minx Boots if, that is, I live by my own 10-tip advice of “less is more”!

Olivia by Tivydale

10 thoughts on “Boots glorious boots, but do I really need them?

    1. Hi Louise, there’s a direct link to their site (indicated when my typing of Tivydale is in blue). I do know they are on sale now for £60. They fit a slim foot, and as I say, true to size. Hope you get them – sexy lady!

  1. Wow this is so nicely done and I have seen the lovely shoes on you, you rock them and I think your followers can to. I wish they were my sise.

    1. Ginger, so lovely to hear from you!! Love your profile pic. Yeh, Susannah certainly knows how to put a divine touch to footwear! Certainly makes our jobs as vegan stylists that much easier, doesn’t it Ginger!

      1. It sure does! I love that vegan options are growing and are offering so many different looks to fit different women’s tastes. Fun!

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