Skin sense – thanks to water and plants

Skin sense - thanks to water & plants

I’ve been cursed with open pores. As a result I’ve elected torture on the warm beds and peacefully scented rooms of beauticians, while they go about their necessary business of facial extractions. At 40 I could have wept for having skin that resembled a sprouting seed trough.

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Book review: The End of Dieting (hooray!)

No, The End of Dieting it’s not about being vegan or vegetarian. Yes, you’re at liberty to eat animal-flesh. No, it’s not about lettuce leaves!


My diet background

Apparently my Grandmother was always on the latest fad diet. After some turbulent teen years of diet rejections her daughter, my Mother, found some peace in her own “everything in moderation” assumption*. No 3-day pineapple diets, no restricting superior carbohydrates (a body’s vital energy source), no counting calories, not even regression to paleolithic times.

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