Book review: The End of Dieting (hooray!)

No, The End of Dieting it’s not about being vegan or vegetarian. Yes, you’re at liberty to eat animal-flesh. No, it’s not about lettuce leaves!


My diet background

Apparently my Grandmother was always on the latest fad diet. After some turbulent teen years of diet rejections her daughter, my Mother, found some peace in her own “everything in moderation” assumption*. No 3-day pineapple diets, no restricting superior carbohydrates (a body’s vital energy source), no counting calories, not even regression to paleolithic times.

So while I too didn’t fall for promises of short-term weight loss, I spent an unnecessarily long time idly wondering if the answer to healthy habits could simply be drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, a positive mind-set and enjoying whole foods, majority plant-based meals.

Joel Fuhrman M.D. confirms so. As a family physician and nutritional researcher, who specialises in preventing and reversing disease through nutrition, he knows best. And now you can too!

M.D. Joel Fuhrman

What to expect

By reading and following the advice in ‘How to live for life, The End of Dieting’ you can benefit from this brilliant, science-backed, information-packed guide on how to set yourself up for a deliciously tasty path to disease prevention, vitality, longevity and maintaining an ideal weight.

Dr Fuhrman goes into detail about why some of today’s most popular diets are detrimental to our long-term health, shows us the short-comings of misrepresented skewed research, offers testimonials and gives plenty of easy-to-follow tools and delicious sounding recipes for weight loss and gratifyingly healthy living.

At the centre of this simple core concept is “the nutrient density of your diet.” It’s all about feeding our bodies what it needs to serve us well!

We surely must all see sense in the belief that ‘the most effective healthcare is self-care’, right? Well, Dr Fuhrman believes that a diet can only be considered successful if the food we eat supports longevity, promotes ideal weight and protects us against heart disease, stokes, dementia and cancer. Sounds good to me, but it’s for ….

Dr Joel Fuhrman

… you to choose!

So if you periodically battle the bulge, are hopelessly resigned to genetic disease or illnesses, feel sluggish or ponder just how much animal-protein is too much, then find your courage, because Dr Fuhrman challenges you, “I am not asking you to diet. I’m asking you to change your fundamental beliefs about food.”

*My mother, at the age of 68, found the courage to relinquish her food beliefs and now re-educates and up-dates her nutritional knowledge. It has led her to an abundance of healthy and delicious plant-based foods!

So it’s never to late to learn and change habits!  The End of Dieting is available in an easily downloadable ebook format at, while also available in several formats at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Book review: The End of Dieting (hooray!)

  1. We are creatures of habit, they say, and habits ARE sometimes very hard to break, but it sounds as if Dr Fuhrman has the scientific knowledge that we can make that change with confidence. As well as reading it, I think it would make a good gift to several people I know.

    1. I so agree Joy, both on the habits and this book making a great gift! Certainly worth the read for those who are open to learning how we all can enjoy and get the most out of life now and in the future! Thanks for sharing Joy!

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