Skin sense – thanks to water and plants

Skin sense - thanks to water & plants

I’ve been cursed with open pores. As a result I’ve elected torture on the warm beds and peacefully scented rooms of beauticians, while they go about their necessary business of facial extractions. At 40 I could have wept for having skin that resembled a sprouting seed trough.

By 42 I was healing myself from the inside outward. I immediately saw a marked difference in my skin tone, texture and its general vitality when I began eating vibrant plant foods, without the acne-causing dairy. My skin began to improve.

I still suffered from these dreaded clogged pores. Now, only now, I’ve eventually taken to drinking much more water. Is it only me or do you find it equally growling to get into the habit of sipping water in every hour of your waking day?

Because now I get it. It’s not about downing a couple of glasses by 4 pm when you’re conscious of just how thirsty you are. No, it’s the ongoing sipping, with breaks around and after meal times. It’s an ongoing commitment, for sure.

And committed I am to my fabulously successful new Esse Organic Skincare regime. I’ve been cleansing, toning and moisturising twice daily. It’s only my much-needed twice weekly exfoliating that I’ve still to collect, while sadly my serum fell by the way side, before I even got to use it. (It got smashed, courtesy of some rough luggage handlers while lost for 5 days during my travels abroad)

Esse Cocoa ExfoliatorSo today I’m collecting my Esse Cocoa Exfoliator and Esse Serum. While it was a first for me to breathe in Esse’s divine cocoa scented exfoliator during last month’s facial, I’ve long known that my skin really needs and benefits from a manual exfoliate, especially around the corners of my nose.

Esse SerumGrasping the advantages of Serum was another story. I’ve never been too keen to have beauticians promote, (because they often come across pushy) products they’re using while I lay there, a captive audience of one. So perhaps I’ve been slow in my learning.

Until Hello Gorgeous become my go-to salon. Proprietor Claire Sydow and her incredibly capable team of professional therapists are helpful and knowledgable without making one feel indebted to buy product, (which makes me more eager to buy, shh don’t tell).

Back to the Esse serum though. It essentially ensures that, when applied before the moisturiser, the nutrients found in their other organic products are better absorbed, so they penetrate and deeply nourish your skin.

That’s just it, I now feel confident that through my increased water intake, my 100% plant foods and Esse organic products, I’m dong just that – truly nourishing my skin!

3 thoughts on “Skin sense – thanks to water and plants

  1. Having recently bought a new bathroom magnifying mirror, I’ve been shocked to see my skin, particularly around the chin area. Time, indeed, for some serious intervention. Thank you for your reminders and product reports. With your short hair, you have no locks to hide behind, and your skin is certainly looking vibrant and lovely.

    1. Always lovely to ‘see’ you here Joy. Those magnifying mirrors can be a blessing & curse at times, a bit like a scale!

  2. I have been inspired, by an old friend, the vegan style revivalist to try ESSE. I am delighted with the result. For once, my cream (trial sample) lasted all day without the usual dryness, A big thank you to Lynette for bringing this to my attention, I will be purchasing the range. I love the fact I am applying an organic range to my face and my skin loves it.

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