Book review & my 1st giveaway ever! The Four Agreements


The Four Agreements A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

This book is on the button.

Author, Miguel Ruiz offers his readers four powerful codes of conduct that can lead us to expressing ourselves with impeccable clarity, kindness and meaning.

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va-va-veganblog changes its domain name!

the vegan style revivalist

To my lovely readers; please note that in keeping with my website, twitter and Facebook page names, I’ve decided to change my blog address (domain name) from ‘va-va-veganblog’ to ‘style revivalist’.

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Meet IGF-1, another 007?


Get on the right side of 007 and you’re presumably protected, on the wrong side your early fatality is almost guaranteed.  Well IGF-1 works in much the same way. Only IGF-1, unlike 007, isn’t produced in Hollywood.  IGF-1 is found in us and  science proves it. It’s real, so listen up!

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