Meet IGF-1, another 007?


Get on the right side of 007 and you’re presumably protected, on the wrong side your early fatality is almost guaranteed.  Well IGF-1 works in much the same way. Only IGF-1, unlike 007, isn’t produced in Hollywood.  IGF-1 is found in us and  science proves it. It’s real, so listen up!

IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factors-1. During infancy and childhood the IGF-1 is one of the body’s most vital growth promoters, yet in later life it accelerates the ageing process and promotes the growth, proliferation and spread of cancer cells.

Conversely, reduced IGF-1 in adults is associated with, among other health benefits, decreased inflammation and a longer lifespan.

Joel Fuhrman M.D. renowned nutritional researcher, who specialises in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods says, “Unquestionably, IGF-1 is a major player in the causation of breast and prostate cancer.”

So how do we get on the right side of IGF-1?

Well in Dr Fuhrman’s latest book entitled ‘The End of Dieting’, he explains IGF-1 in detail and says that the ‘safe’ amount of daily animal protein is still not clearly defined, but offers animal flesh devotees an estimated guideline that averaging any more than 28 grams per day for women and 43 grams a day for men is likely to be risky.  Since the principle dietary factor that determines IGF-1 levels is animal protein, excessive meat, seafood, fowl and dairy intake is what is causing high IGF-1 levels in western society.

It’s not only meat and dairy consumers who need to watch their IGF-1 intake. Isolated soya protein, those found in protein powders and high processed animal-flesh substitutes may also be problematic because the protein is unnaturally concentrated and its amino acid profile is similar to that of animal protein. Tofu and unprocessed soybean lovers needn’t worry though, as vegans who eat predominately whole foods already know that limiting processed (soya) foods is optimal.

I recon this is the type of dietary information we all should be learning about, carnists and vegans alike. What’s more, learning from medical doctors who specialise in nutritional research, not dieters.

After all it’s not a matter of weight loss, it’s a matter of learning how best we can strive to live a long and healthy life without dieting deprivation.  To learn more about Dr Joel Fuhrman’s work, visit

No more diets

2 thoughts on “Meet IGF-1, another 007?

  1. It’s so good to understand that better. I thought IGF-1 was found only in dairy. Is it unwise to use Soya Milk in my coffee then?

    1. It really takes us back to the best way of eating, doesn’t it – whole foods, plant based. As I understand it though, soya milk and tofu are both not very processed, simply the soya bean combined is with the water in the case of the milk. So of me some soya milk, tofu and even occasional processed soya products are still fine to enjoy!

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