5 tips to healthy breasts

5 tips to prevent breast cancer

5 tips to prevent breast cancer

Ladies, here are 5 empowering facts you might not hear of during, and beyond, breast cancer awareness month….

1. “Western medicine’s idea of preventative medicine is a mammogram. That’s not prevention, that’s a diagnostic, early diagnosis,” says Dr Garth Davis.

So what is a good preventative step? Well, the empowerment is apparently in our pooping! Yes, we can help prevent breast cancer by becoming ‘Super Poopers’!  It’s time to take note if you’re doing it enough to prevent cancerous transformation of your normal cells.

2. Health starts with personal responsibility, so taking action by turning your body into a healthy thrice daily (yes, three times a day) pooping machine!

What’s the link between pooping and healthy breasts? The answer is humorously detailed in this 2-minute video by Dr Michael Greger. 

3. Get in on the action by eating plenty of daily fibre! (And no, animal products don’t contain any fibre!) Fibre is found naturally in plant foods and this fibre increases bile acid excretion, while plants themselves help bind bile for your body’s necessary excretion.

4. Another point worth noting is that the dairy protein found in all dairy products like cow’s milk, butter, yoghurt, ice cream etc, actually paralyses the bowel movement. Which causes constipation. See this video by Dr John McDougall on constipation.

5. To take action, click on here for 6 foods Dr Joel Fuhrman suggests you eat daily. Then start eating them!

Beyond the all-important breast health, you might even find your waistline trims down – one can hardly pooh-pooh that either!

3 thoughts on “5 tips to healthy breasts

  1. One of my great pleasures in changing to a plant based whole foods way of eating, has been just that – after battling constipation for years and years, I have joined the super pooper ranks. Good to hear it helps boob health too!

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