Book review & giveaway: Whole

WHOLE Rethinking the Science of Nutrition As with so many of the books I’ve recently read, it’s hard, if not impossible, to articulate and convey the depth of the information shared by these authors. The book WHOLE written by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Howard Jacobson, PhD is no exception.


It’s no wonder we’re confused… We consumers are understandably fraught with uncertainly as to what the healthiest food choices are. Everyday there seems to be a new report put out by someone, backed by some company, telling us the benefits or scares of certain supplements and foods.

Ever heard of reductionist science? I didn’t have a handle on it, until I read WHOLE. Basically scientific reductionism is the practice of simplifying a complex idea, issue, condition, especially to the point of minimizing, obscuring, or distorting it. Nutritional science, long stuck in a reductionist mindset, encourages the study of one chemical at a time in an attempt to determine its particular impact on the human body. These sorts of studies are particularly helpful to food companies trying to prove, for instance, there is a nutrient in milk or breakfast cereal that is “good” for us. Yet they provide little insight into the complexity of what actually happens in our bodies or how those chemicals contribute to our health. In WHOLE the author explains these shortcomings and goes for the holistic approach to science, with one of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s favorite quotes being, “The sum is greater than the parts”. (he uses great analogies for easy understanding, like his blind doctors elephant analogy – read it to appreciate this apt metaphor)

WHOLE, rethinking the science of nutrition

Science and nutrition just not your thing? I consider myself a creative, which in the past has worked against me. I deduced that I didn’t have an aptitude for science and other complex academic-based learning. Now I know better. I have a thirst to learn more, especially if it challenges me to abandon my preconceived ideas and encourages me to begin questioning society’s ‘norms’. This hunger for the truth means I get to cut through the marketing nonsense and propaganda of reductionist science – often funded, directly and indirectly, by the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries who profit from these biased findings.

Why? WHOLE puts fact into perspective and shows us why, in spite of the fact that a whole foods plant based (WFPB) diet is deemed the most optimal eating plan, (the most simplistic, affordable and health promoting and environmentally sustainable) still isn’t acknowledged let alone promoted among most doctors, non-profit health organisations, environmental groups, the mainstream media and society at large.

Where Google search results become fact. Yet scientific truth is rejected. Why is it that when one googles ‘The China Study’ within the first three hits you’ll read about it been debunked. On face value, (sadly our default setting when it comes to our interest in our personal nutrition needs) one takes this as gospel. Yet dig a little deeper (start by reading WHOLE) you’ll find out why there’s enough resistance against Colin T Campbell’s astonishingly empowering scientific findings (that animal protein can accelerate cancer growth, while its absence can reverse cancer growth!)

%22Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food%22 Hippocrates

It’s no conspiracy, it’s simply about the bucks! Dr T. Colin Campbell, a biochemist who specialises in the effects of nutrition on long-term health is no lay-about scientist, nor are his findings unfounded or rebuked. Rather the truths of his scientific findings are, simply put, contrary to fanned beliefs that fuel corporate profit. Changing our meals to a whole food, plant based nutrition eating plan allows us to prevent certain diseases or get to the root cause of the symptoms and suffocates the disease by not feeding our bodies the products that promote and perpetuate the disease in the first place. So it’s no wonder that this inconvenient truth is not supported by a society who has been taught, encouraged and mislead into standing by their animal-flesh and animal-secretion eating habits and beliefs – to their death.

Corporate profit over personal health

Where to begin While not imperative, my suggestion is to read ‘The China Study’ first, then if you wonder, and oh you will, why such valuable, self empowering and revolutionary science isn’t been shouted about, shared and adopted by our health care authorities, cancer support organizations and the media, then read WHOLE.

WHOLE audible giveaway

Congrats and audible book giveaway Congrats to you who will take the time, interest and effort to read this empowering literature. To those who won’t; perhaps work on getting over your limiting beliefs about what you will or will not ingest! (pun intended.) Giveaway workings… to stand a chance of winning an Audible version of WHOLE please leave a favourable comment via this blog post. Entries deadline is 31 December 2014.  The winner will be selected at random and contacted to arrange the virtual delivery of an audible copy of WHOLE.

6 thoughts on “Book review & giveaway: Whole

  1. I found your blog via your daughter’s via Facebook. Both have engrossed me for several hours now.
    This book sounds fascinating! I have long tried to explain to the nay-Sayers and Banting followers what I just felt was right. This book may just be the factual proof I’ve been looking for.

    1. Hi Steph, thank you for taking the time and effort in sharing with me. So please that you found both my daughter’s and this blog site. You are a winner!!! I’ll be sending you the audible version of whole.

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