Book review, a novel ‘Off the Reservation’

Off the Reservation book cover

Off the Reservation book cover

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Well, in this novel’s refreshing standpoint author, Glen Merzer, gives Congressman Evan Gorgoni the opportunity to do just that – by running for the American presidency!

This is Merzer’s first novel, and energising at that!  He draws us into a modern-day political adventure where the delivery of honesty, integrity and transparency could possibly win the day, but what about the American presidential elections?

‘Off the Reservation’ is engaging, comical and thought-provoking by posing the unwritten question of whether we’re ready to support unconventional leaders, who could steer us into an environmentally sound future.

Reading this novel coincided with my watching Cowspiracy, a documentary investigating why the leading cause of environmental degradation isn’t being dealt with by the world’s leading environmental groups, and government. (A must-see for everyone who lives on this planet).

As with the documentary, ‘Off the Reservation’ left me feeling hopeful and inspired.  Of course the latter is fictional, so while it can’t offer us the necessary political overhaul, it does the next best thing; it empowers us individually by providing 20 easy-to-make, (story-related) recipes, created by Merzer’s wife, Joanna. (Here’s our opportunity to “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”)

To whet your appetite for Merzer’s wit and humour, check out this short presentation he gives on his personal veg history. ‘Off the Reservation’ is available for purchase on Amazon.

Mixed Berry Cobbler recipeGIVEAWAY: To fulfil your appetite, here’s a complimentary recipe from the novel. (this link takes you onto my website for the easy-to-print, 1-page PDF file) I’ve made this recipe several times, always to the delight of my family and guests – it’s so easy too!

Glen Merzer is a playwright, screenwriter, and author. He is co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad Cowboy and No More Bull!; with Pam Popper, of Food Over Medicine; with Chef AJ, of Unprocessed; and with Chef Del Sroufe, of Better Than Vegan. Along with Eric Brent, he edited The HappyCow Cookbook.

Thank you to Benji Kurtz from Vivid Thoughts Press for timeously materialising my recent intention to read a novel simultaneously with, my unquenchable thirst for, non-fiction titles.

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