5 inspiring ‘Moving Men’

1. Frank Medrano – Calisthenics expert: Why him?  Because he moves his body in flippin’ amazing ways!! Frank Medrano

“Stay humble, be positive, support anyone who decides to put in their effort to better themselves. We all started at the bottom and inspire to better ourselves. I’m impressed with anyone who decides to challenge themselves to be a better person at any level” 

2. Jim Morris – Bodybuilder, aged 78:  Why him?  Well, don’t you too want to feel as fit and youthful in your 70’s? Jim Morris

“Health and well being are a way of life. Not a certain diet or set of exercises or any other single area, but a combination of all the aspects of your life. Accept full responsibility for yourself, your health and your choices. The western civilization culture is anti health in that it is designed to produce profit not health. Read up on epigenetics. You control more of the genes which differentiate you from other humans than you realize.” 

3. Patrik Baboumian – Strongman: Why him? Dah, he shows us that compassionate men are the real deal! Patrik Baboumian

“I just found myself thinking that if I would have to kill the animals I ate with my own hands I couldn’t because I was to compassionate. I felt that I was fooling myself eating meat considering my inability to kill an animal so I just thought I’d better be honest to myself and stop eating meat.”

4. Alexey Voevoda – Arm wrestler & Olympic bobsledding medallist: Why him?  Twice bobsleigh Olympic champion and nine time armwrestling world champion. Need I say more? Alexey Voevoda

“Study and listen to yourself, to your own heart, and you will get to the place which is just right for you! Since becoming vegan I no longer eat the suffering and pain of defenceless animals. My body has become lighter, so to say “clearer”. My profession, flexibility and elasticity are incredibly important, and I increased both of these, and now I almost never suffer from a cold or flu.”

5. Rich Roll – Ultra-endurance athlete: Why him?  At 40 he overhauled his life: from an overweight, unfulfilled attorney he began his journey to self fulfilment & athletic ultra performance. He also happens to be one of my favourite podcast hosts) Rich Roll

“I didn’t change my diet until mid-life. I began the practice of yoga and meditation later in life. You are never too old to create positive, new habits. You are never too old to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Don’t use age as an excuse to hang on to the status quo.” 

“More and more athletes, including ultra-marathon runners such as Fiona Oakes, mixed martial arts fighters, footballers, cricketers and even the Williams sisters have gone vegan in order to boost their performance – and, of course, to help animals at the same time. Plant-based diets are nutrient-rich and low in fat and cholesterol, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re a top choice for some of the fittest people on the planet.” Well said PETA.UK

3 thoughts on “5 inspiring ‘Moving Men’

  1. Gosh, fancy the Williams sisters becoming vegan! Apart from their benefitting in every way, I’m excited and curious to see how their body shape has changed, as I’m sure it must have. Ha ha, 5 hunky men, and I choose to comment on the girls . . .

    1. Well, I haven’t looked up images of the William sisters of late, but I did hear their games are better than ever!!

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