Fashion: 5 tips to spend less & have more!

5 steps to spend less on fashionIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged about fashion, and I’ll tell you why in a mo.  First though, I’ll tell you that two captivating, intelligent and super conscious guys got me all fired up to write this post!

Hey, don’t judge me til’ you’ve heard it!

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Mascara: Oh yeah baby, lashes & more

the vegan style revivalist

If there’s just one make-up item we’re to wear, let it be mascara, right? While about it, let them be long, thick lashes too! So when it came to finding a replacement to my last overseas purchase, I have to say that my local choices got pretty slim!

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Moms’ burning question, answered!

The burning question: “But what about my kids’ needing their daily glass of cow’s milk? “

Cow's milk not natural

I think that we mothers (or anyone taking care of themselves or others), believe we make food choices based on ‘solid fact’ or what we’ve ‘learnt’. Only problem is who’s teaching us? Supermarket shelves? The feel-good blurb on milk cartons? Media messaging? Your mother’s assumptions? Schools?  Well, listen up, and update your knowledge!

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