Moms’ burning question, answered!

Cow's milk not natural for humans

The burning question: “But what about my kids’ needing their daily glass of cow’s milk? “

Cow's milk not natural

I think that we mothers (or anyone taking care of themselves or others), believe we make food choices based on ‘solid fact’ or what we’ve ‘learnt’. Only problem is who’s teaching us? Supermarket shelves? The feel-good blurb on milk cartons? Media messaging? Your mother’s assumptions? Schools?  Well, listen up, and update your knowledge!

The overwhelming evidence suggests that dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese) is actually unnecessary and harmful to any human’s body, no matter what your age! Kid’s included, Mom!!

The latest studies show that, “We’ve been seduced by the commercials and ads of celebrities sporting their milk mustaches, and we’ve been led to believe that milk is necessary for our bones. But, it’s time to wake up to the truth.”

“Drinking cow’s milk is not a must, and it does not give you stronger bones. In fact, it depletes calcium from bones, and previous research shows how drinking milk and dairy products is not associated with fewer fractures, but actually increases the risk of arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more.”

The best news is that calcium, a very necessary nutrient, can easily be consumed from healthy plant foods!  The most healthful sources are green leafy vegetables and legumes, or “greens and beans.”

As Dr Neal Barnard, of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine suggests, “Instead of harming our health like cow’s milk does, these plant foods boost our immune systems and help us avoid chronic illnesses.”

While a cow’s milk alternative may take some getting used to (it took me about a week, sipping my daily cappuccino), switch to any of the plant-based milks (soya, almond, rice, quinoa, hemp, oat etc), and you’re bound to see how they’ll lighten your load (think relief from sinusitis, runny noses, asthma, and acne).

smoothie VSRSee what Dr McDougall, a physician and nutrition expert, writes here.  And for more of my thoughts on dairy, check out my post entitled, “She such a cow!”

So let’s raise our glasses (think tofu, banana or plant milks as the creamy base to delicious smoothies), to healthier us, and kinder, more informed, Moms!

3 thoughts on “Moms’ burning question, answered!

  1. Love your article! I remember so well the first soy milk cappuccino I had – I thought I’d never enjoy one again! But now I’d choose it over cows’ milk even on taste. Luckily I was never much of a cheese lover, because it’s what most folk tell me they’d find difficult to ‘give up’. There too though, I find there are healthier, and as tasty, alternatives.

    1. Thank you so much for being such a support in your active and interesting view points shared here! I agree on the milk, one’s taste buds and tongue certainly ‘clean up’ and enjoy the many alternatives! While here in Knysna we don’t get it as regularly as the big cities, hopefully those looking for cheese alternatives can look out for the vegan cheese brands like Viofast and Cheezly!

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