Mascara: Oh yeah baby, lashes & more

the vegan style revivalist

If there’s just one make-up item we’re to wear, let it be mascara, right? While about it, let them be long, thick lashes too! So when it came to finding a replacement to my last overseas purchase, I have to say that my local choices got pretty slim!

Natural eye lashesYou could well be thinking, “Come on! Why research mascara beyond what the ads promise? Isn’t it a bit extreme, wanting a vegan mascara? Surely you should just go for the brand that guarantees the best length, body and curl-defining brush money can buy?”


For a couple of seconds it’s tempting. Right before I wipe that crap from my eyes to see that my vanity is not worth someone else’s pain (from cosmetic animal testing to animals used for ingredients).

An easy choice!That’s right Lovelies, batting one’s lashes just isn’t enough these days! We need awareness and consciousness behind our choices. Not only for animals, but for equally compelling human rights and environmental reasons too!

Thankfully I come across a range by Suncoat, through SA’s online store, Faithful to Nature.  I chose the non-waterproof mascara, in brown. It’s just what I needed, super gentle on the eyes and easy to remove (maybe a little too easy, so no soppy movies in this one gals!). I’ve also put in an order for Suncoat’s Vegan Liquid Eyeliner, which I’ll be excited to try!

Physician's FormulaI had the option of going with Kris Carr’s Mascara Smackdown review of Physicians Formula Organic Wear. (Available through Dischem in SA) But I’ve tried the brand, admittedly not the Lash Boosting mascara specifically, and was left underwhelmed.

Shopping for cosmetics rarely ends at one item though does it? So here are two surprise products that went straight into my virtual cart:

I came across my own personal choice of skincare, Esse Organic Skincare, which to my surprise also stock an eye make-up remover. (Seeing this reminded me that I was on my last drops; my young daughter having used a big whack of mine to remove her intricately painted, school concert-going face).

Esse Organic SkincareHow I missed that Esse had a remover, I don’t know, especially being a brand ambassador for this great range of products. It’s a cream, which I have to admit, I’ve always viewed as second favourite to the water-based liquid make-up remover. Yet I now find it as gentle and giving on my skin as the rest of their products I use. A gal simply must dare to try new options to find these better alternatives!

It’s not only our lashes we want strong and healthy looking. Another big ‘must-find-in-vegan-version’ was nail polish and a good strengthener. Delight! I found a vegan brand called Sparitual.  The Sparitual Nutri-Thick will go onto my nails today!

Happy shopping, with thought and action for a healthier everyone!

2 thoughts on “Mascara: Oh yeah baby, lashes & more

  1. Thanks for info. Now, organic foundation or BB cream. Closest I can find that does not burn my skin is the Body Shop.

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