Fashion: 5 tips to spend less & have more!

5 steps to spend less on fashionIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged about fashion, and I’ll tell you why in a mo.  First though, I’ll tell you that two captivating, intelligent and super conscious guys got me all fired up to write this post!

Hey, don’t judge me til’ you’ve heard it!

Rich Roll podcast

The ever-engaging podcast host, Rich Roll got it together with a mentor of mine, Joshua Katcher, to talk ethics, aesthetics and fashion. Entrepreneurship, masculinity and the psychology of fashion. Perfection!!

I admit, I’m rather disillusioned by fashion, and with good reason. So as an antidote, I’ve been making subtle readjustments in support of recognising that mainstream fashion is frivolous, and pretty ferocious too. (I’m not saying style is frivolous, nor is caring deeply about looking great).

This R50 top says it all!
This R50 top says it all!

As Joshua explains, with the fashion industry offering us constant new seasonal wear, with that comes the idea or perception that they’re working towards giving us improvements, working on developing something great. Yet, don’t be fooled. It’s nothing. Empty. They’re simply trying to hook us into more sales, more constant consumerism. Feeding our egos and our insecurities.

Thankfully though we don’t need to remain slaves to the next fashion forecast. We can build on changing our unsustainable greed, and feel awesome doing it!

That’s exactly what I’m getting stuck into!  So here are my 5 tips to spend less & have more;

1. Move your clothing budget to your fitness programme Whether you spend on hiring a personal trainer, begin taking fast walks, joining a yoga class or swim lengths at gym, start investing in building your body for strength, health and confidence. I’m finding that the more I respect my body, as it is now, the happier I am in the clothes I have.

2. Find a resale clothing store Last week I delivered 10 items to my local shop for reselling. 10! And guess what, as soon as I realised I was always reluctant to wear them, (they were beautiful pieces, but simply aren’t relevant to my current lifestyle) I didn’t mind parting with them. Out with the old, in with some spare change!

3. Limit your time in stores, malls and magazines They’re here to entice us, make you feel less than if we don’t yet own what they’re selling. Rather spend that time reading about future fashion, listen to this highly engaging podcast episode or have some fun in your own wardrobe. Play with your clothes, by trying on new combinations, wear those unworn pieces, reorganise your accessories, donate spoilt or badly fitting items.

4. Get your pieces back into tip-top shape And it’s not only your body I’m referring to! My dearest mother took to the pins to re-hem 5 pairs of my pants and a skirt. Nowadays, I find myself in flats far more than heels, so my wardrobe arsenal needs to adjust to my seaside lifestyle. My what-to-wear choice has just grown by 6 items, at no cost!

5. Become slow & deliberate in your selection Start to build your wardrobe based on your lifestyle, colour palette, personality and, most importantly practise some awareness to ethical choices!  Make time to research good local seamstress or tailoring services, find young designers to support, read composition labels and know what wearing wool, leather, and exotic skins costs your earth and fellow inhabitants.

Here’s to becoming informed and transformed!

tailoring fashion to suit you!

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