Giving us some head space!

Have you heard about the coolest app that brings us a little head space?  If not, where have you been – too busy maybe?

HeadspaceWhat Headspace gives us is a nifty, modern way to quieten our mind.  It comes to you as a mobile app and digital platform (already has over 1-million users) of pre-packaged and very accessible guided sessions.

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Lilly-long-legs-eleven, Party Time!

Party time vegan treats

I’ve no doubt that I am one of many moms who let out a big sigh of relief once their child’s birthday party is done and dusted. Deemed a success, with lasting memories made.

While I could have almost guaranteed party ease and success while living in the Middle East’s year-round poolside-friendly parties, coming back to South Africa’s unpredictable Cape autumn weather, (and throwing vegan into the mix) calls for much more thought and planning on my part.

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