Lilly-long-legs-eleven, Party Time!

Party time vegan treats

I’ve no doubt that I am one of many moms who let out a big sigh of relief once their child’s birthday party is done and dusted. Deemed a success, with lasting memories made.

While I could have almost guaranteed party ease and success while living in the Middle East’s year-round poolside-friendly parties, coming back to South Africa’s unpredictable Cape autumn weather, (and throwing vegan into the mix) calls for much more thought and planning on my part.

Lilly-long-legs-EllevenYet, just as with everything in life, challenges become opportunities for newness which can be fun! It’s such fun we found at the eco vegetarian forest resort & lodge, aptly named Peace of Eden. (Lilly has declared her 11th her best birthday party ever!)

Jen and Howard, the proprietors, offered us not only the party’s soulful environment and the bliss of animal-free meals and party treats but also the kindness of heart that comes with all this.

Peace of Eden forest walksAside from Howard being a registered nature guide, it’s his personable way of connecting with children and adults alike that makes Howard’s passion for nature so infectious. Our 1½ -hour forest walk was filled tales of the gold miners, the secret elephants and folklore about our magical forests, all while exploring the birds, monkeys, stink horns, the stream, and frogs.

Jen is just as much a gem. It’s not often I get to sit back and have someone else cater well to our family’s ethical food choices. Jen’s cooking and baking allowed me to do just this. What a treat!

The kids delighted as they canoed in a lilly filled pond, groomed, fed and rode saddle and bit-free on two beautiful rescued race horses. We made a weekend of it, staying two nights, which had us playing Scrabble in the winter’s sun, reading aloud from one book, aside our cottage’s fireplace. Simply being! Lilly filled pond at Peace of Eden

Peace of Eden offers overnight guests tents, campsites, cabins and cottages. Breakfasts, lunches and suppers can be catered for by prior arrangement.

I have 6 weeks in which to plan my eldest daughter’s party. I’m off to call Jen now! (See what the vegan whisperer, aka my eldest, writes about this venue!)Lilly's birthday cake

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