Wrinkle relief, my experiment paid off!

I find myself smiling shyly as I admit this to you, my readers, because it’s amazing what we’re willing to try in times of disillusionment. Now that it’s worked so well though, I simply have to share it with you!

Three weeks ago, feeling frustrated, I rifled through my bathroom draws, reluctantly selecting my Esse Repair Oil (do we perceive using great products on our feet as wasteful?) as the only available product which, just might, iron out my 40+ year wrinkles – on my heels!

I guess what I’m saying is, “I needed to heal my heels!”

Lately, I’ve been really diligent in my daily practice of scrabbling and buffing my heels (love my trusty Scholl scrubber), yet I’ve noticed that the stubborn deep lines seemed almost ingrained. So, not knowing what else to try, I began rolling (comes in this nifty roll-on bottle) and then massaging the Repair Oil over my heels just before bedtime.

Esse Repair Oil you believe it, it’s working! My heels are looking and feeling smoother than ever.

Of course I’m a great believer in the importance of healing from within too, so my high water intake certainly helps keep my body well hydrated. Esse Organic Skincare’s founder, Trevor Steyn, then explained to me that the Repair Oil’s function is to slow down trans epidermal water loss, making it easier for the heel to moisturise itself from within.

So it all stands to reason, that good hydrating care can be given to any part of one’s skin, from top to toe, inside and out!

Yet another reason to love my Esse products and good ol’ fashioned water!

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