Diets: The convenience of being confused

Granted, we’re fed so much contradictory dietary information, health claims, advice and highly publicised titbits from reductionist research, it’s no wonder we don’t know what to believe!

So let’s untangle ourselves from this dietary confusion, shall we?

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Authentically thirteen – our 1st teen party

Isabelle, our daughter, (aka the vegan whisperer) turned 13 last Sunday. That’s a pretty big deal for daughter, and mother!  Was it time to organise that first dance party? Yikes!

I wanted to do my part to make Isabelle’s party wonderful, so I offered her what I could. From an out-of-town movie (we have no cinema here), even the proverbial dance party, to a home-based formal dinner (mom & dad poised as quiet chefs and servers), or handing it over to our talented chef and friend Brett, at VegTable to treat party goes to the real deal.

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