Diets: The convenience of being confused

Diets: Convenience in your confusion?

Granted, we’re fed so much contradictory dietary information, health claims, advice and highly publicised titbits from reductionist research, it’s no wonder we don’t know what to believe!

So let’s untangle ourselves from this dietary confusion, shall we?

Or just maybe we like this confusion because it allows us to remain uncommitted to a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating? Easier perhaps to tweak our diets there and there, just enough to still follow what suits us socially and satisfies our cravings. Right?

Dr Garth DavisThat’s where Dr Garth Davis, an expert weight loss surgeon, found himself when he became his own patient. 7 years ago, having climbed onto the same ketosis bandwagon as his peers and patients, not only buying into this idea as truth, but also advocating the very low carb, low to no fruit, high protein diet, he became sick (not fat, sick!).

He realised there had to be a better solution. His extensive nutritional research found answers.

So now, if you’re ready to be clear, knowledgable and informed about what you can do to promote maximum wellness, then listen HERE to the most comprehensive discussion. Guess what, you get to eat delicious food and not necessarily be 100% plant-based, if you’re so resistant.

Dr Garth Davis, now ironmanIn this conversation, with the sharp and charismatic Dr Garth Davis, he gets talking about feeding our bodies for longevity, disease prevention and optimal health. He shares facts about some of today’s popular diets, unpacks dietary myths and explains how and why science is bent to accommodate fad diets.

His Facebook page is also worth following, outspoken and factually substantiated, he’s the real deal, talking and actioning what should be common sense to us!

Maybe it’s time to stop being confused, and start listening HERE!

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