An ingredient to avoid in lip care!

why use something that doesn't work?My father always had dry lips, yet he was forever reaching for his ‘trusty’ lip-ice.

I have to admit, it annoyed me as a child.

I vividly remember looking up at him, wondering why on earth he so doggedly reapplied that awful stuff, (I learnt to hate lip balms) again and again. To no avail.

He couldn’t have known either. Perhaps, as a child, we just see things for what they are rather than what marketers coaxed us into believing?

It turns out there are lip balm ingredients that keep users hooked!

Trevor Steyn, an organic chemist, explains:

“Most lip balms are made with Petroleum Jelly or other petrochemicals. These ingredients have no nutrient value but they do slow the production of sebum. Your skin is responsive and it will stop producing sebum if it senses that the skin is oily. The lips then get very dry as soon as the petrochemical wears off and the product will “have to” be reapplied.” (Trevor is also the CEO of Esse Organics Skincare)Petrochemicals in lip (skin) care

So Petrochemicals in general should be avoided, which can be listed as:

  • Paraffin,
  • Petroleum Wax
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Petrolatum
  • Mineral Oil, among others

It took me close on 30 years to enjoy wearing lip balm, a beeswax-free option to boot! My Esse Lip Conditioner is 100% natural, making it free of petrochemicals, and divine!

2 thoughts on “An ingredient to avoid in lip care!

  1. I shudder to think of all the Lip Medex I wore in my teenagerhood! It was a bit of a challenge at first finding beeswax-free natural lip balms, but fortunately it is a growing market. Crazy Rumors and the Fanciful Fox Fat Pucker are my favorites (though I don’t know if they’re available in your part of the world?) ❤

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