Is it all beeswax?


My 11-year old daughter loves lip balm. So much so that she wriggles her way into every available store, while we’re travelling abroad, looking for the next perfect balm (one that lives up to her favourite USA brand, Hurraw). Been privy to her frequent ingredient investigations has pointedly shown us that so many balms contain beeswax.

If you’re not vegan I’m guessing that it’s not going to make a jot of difference to your purchasing decision. But for those of you who do avoid any probable animal exploitation, or those who simply want to avoid the use of animal by-products, will be conscientious in your selection.

Esse Lip ConditionerBees exploited?  While living in beautiful forestry Knysna where our bees are generally well cared for, it’s hard to imagine that bee colonies are put to work only for our good, not theirs.

While I certainly need to moisten my lips, I tended to let my lipstick do the daytime job, because I need the whip of colour anyway. Yet now, though my partnership with Esse Organic Skincare, I’ve taken to using their lip conditioner, free of beeswax and any other animal by-products. Yah, to pretty plump presses!

Won’t my daughter be thrilled to find this in mommy’s handbag!

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