3 years, 80 posts… time for change!

Changes at Style Revivalist

Times, them are changin’ – and I’m goin’ to make change happen right here at Style Revivalist… always aiming for improvements

Here’s the plan, which involves you far more than before;

  1. I’ll be focusing on giving you mainly fashion, clothing & style content (like?)
  2. I’m going to entice you to subscribe for added reader value (how about doing so today?)
  3. I’ll be encouraging you to comment (that way we can learn from one another)
  4. There’ll be visual reinvention (refreshed and revitalised of course!)

Changes at Style RevivalistI certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I’m enthusiastic to start with some initial changes to bring us closer together.  

Togetherness over fashion, style and clothing – that sounds a bit of okay, don’t you think?

Trust you’ve found value within my past 80 lifestyle posts, begun 3 years ago today! I’ve loved sharing them!

I hope you’ll like what you’ll soon see and read, and tell me either way!

If you’re curious about this fashion direction, please subscribe to my newsletter to not miss a beat!

I adore and reply to comments!

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